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Hi I’m Eddie Trevizo. I think that Blackheart rulz. I love playing the team Blackheart/Cable/Command at all anti-air assist so much in tournaments, but I just can’t seem to get 1st place. It is always either 2nd or 3rd. I am wide open for any strategies you have or any tricks yall would like to share with me cause, man I want to get 1st for once. I play @ Animation Town in Irvin,TX (near dallas) and it is always the same person who is above me: John Irving a.k.a. “PMD”. By the way Animation Town has the best tournaments and you should go to the weekly once on wednesdays. But anyways, would someone please tell me a suggestion or something with this team or even change the characters around a bit, but with Blackheart, if you need to so that you could create a strategy of somewhat. But if you think I am dumb for picking Blackheart in the first place or think I should just shut up atleast reply by saying a real opinion. I like seeing dumb people at their best. Bi Bi Now

P.S. ~ PMD you suck!


what does this thread have to do with athena


Obviously there’s some hidden clues in that post that leads to many glitches Athena can take advantage of to nail some serious wins against top tiers