This explains everything

my dawg RYAN always cracks me up… good post :tup:

but in what room?

umad bro because you will never get to the level floe ever was at 3s

MidCali, you better be trolling :frowning: Please.

And why is everyone suddenly like “Yo floe, I’m sorry man, don’t slap me around!” Stay true to what you said, the game didn’t change just because he posted on the same thread.

@FloE: No offense man, but you had the power to tell them “You guys are gonna hear a SHITSTORM from SRK if you don’t fix X, Y and Z, and don’t make sure A, B and C are this way”, even if that wasn’t directly your function.

Now we all have to be in this back-and-forth, without knowing if capcom will EVER address it.

what. if people are actually mad at floe they’re just being retarded and looking for someone to be angry at.

be pissed off at whoever decided the budget, that it was going to be based on the previous console ports, the release date, etc. floe was just there for a few things, we have no idea how much he could even do or if he mentioned shit. if he just sat around and kept his mouth shut about things that were obviously not going to go over well than that sucks. if his perspective really was never factored in anyway (time, money) that’s not his fault. if he didnt mention shit because he doesnt care about 3s than yeah he can get fucked because that’s just a dick thing to do. so yeah it sucks to see that the supposed community overseer failed miserably but we don’t know if that’s his fault or capcom.

we simply don’t know. we don’t know what he can say but I doubt he’s really inclined to talk about it now. everyone wants someone to blame but in reality it’s the dudes that we never hear about who determine the course of these things. the budget shapes everything. it’s not like floe can go “oh we need more time to fix these bugs and get it closer to arcade perfect”. That article is just an example of what they did focus on. which is why its pretty annoying to read.

Actually this sounds pretty cool a “riddle” of sorts, as long as you don’t puss out and check the solution on youtube.

But frankly it seems like you are just nitpicking and purposely trying to find things to bitch about and people to hate on.

Day 1: "wah wah 3SOE has input lag it’s worse than ps2 fuck derek neal"
2 weeks and 1 tech talk forum thread later: “ok we were wrong but the trials suck wah wah!”

what’s with all the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve talk?

The game is done. Floe worked on it. It came out well as a result of his input. Good job Floe and good job Iron Galaxy.

Remember - hindsight is 20/20.

I didn’t say you were mad. It’s quite obvious you’re not mad. It’s bmckay just backing down from what was said before. (not saying you’re mad either. But you did back down from your previous opinion)

What was said before: FloE is NOT a 3s player.
FloE says he is.
What was said after: Yo man, my bad.

i appreciate floe posting in here just cuz it’s a chance to get in touch with someone who was an integral part of the project… but i’m still left wondering what sort of decisions were made. in particular, he was iron galaxy’s go-to guy to get feedback on what needed changing in the game:

so what i’ve speculated still makes sense to me because it seems the ball was dropped somewhere. floe, did you talk to any other 3s players regarding arcade perfect aspects, or what features a 3s player would find important to the game (with new players in consideration, etc)? cuz no one person can represent a community. or maybe you just didn’t have time to do all that, i don’t know. i want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

floe, if you’ve still got contacts at iron galaxy, maybe you can send them a couple FYIs about things that are missing or broken (assuming that they’re on the hook to work on patches). i don’t know what your life circumstances are right now, but if you dropped the ball back then, then the right thing to do would be to pick it up now. even if you didn’t drop the ball, you’ve got an infinitely better chance than any one of us here to get to iron galaxy or even capcom. but like tebbo says, it’s all about budget… who knows whether capcom or iron galaxy even has a patch release roadmap beyond the broken ranked matchmaking system. regardless, it couldn’t hurt to let them know about missing or broken things, especially sooner rather than later.

edit: ok maybe one person changed his tune :stuck_out_tongue:

whether it turned out well is a matter of opinion

I had to. In a normal situation, I’d stand by my shit. In this case, I didn’t SAY he wasn’t a 3S player. I questioned it. There is a difference. God doesn’t exists vs Does God exist? Floe isn’t a 3S player vs Has he ever been deep into 3S?

I went by what was in my memory and, I’m willing to admit that my memory isn’t long or clear. If he was Top 16 at Evo every year that 3S was there, I wouldn’t have remembered. I’ve never gone. Since I can’t prove or learn otherwise, I’ll take it as it’s laid out.

I made a statement questioning his dedication to the game.
He says he’s a dedicated player.
I apologize.

Hey pherai, what’s your xbox gamertag? Is it still slutbanger69?

stop fucking things up man. you always do this. is yours actually dander420?

I respect your respect, but I still think you shouldn’t have just taken his word for it.
All I’ve seen of Floe’s 3s was one video vs Frankie3s, @ SBO qualifiers like… 2008 or something.

This is all irrelevant though, I’m just being dumb. The point is, they should’ve gotten the more experienced and serious 3s players to help out either instead, or along with Floe.

Nah, I agree. Entirely. Even if it didn’t seem like it, that was kinda what I was meaning with my post. Get someone who is known for the game to work on the game. Not someone who is just good at the game/other games.

foreal though, what happen to your neck?

Actually its not a matter of opinion its a matter of facts, and here are the facts:
1.There are issues with the new hud.
2.There are sound issues.
3.There are matchmaking issues.
With that said we can never be sure if Floe did his job right and told them about these issues or if he even knew what would happen if they change the hud. I personally think that he wasn’t the right man for the job. They could have gotten people with a lot more knowledge to test the game. Hell I could list at least 10 people on this board that could have been more suitable for the job.

People are QQIng too much, it’s still 3S, it has no input delay and the online works well with two good connections. The matchmaking is ass but hopefully they’ll fix that. I don’t have any problem with 3SOE tbh, even though it’s clearly a console version of the game it still plays like 3S and it works better than emulation did on GGPO. For a online fighting game which plays as fast as 3S does the online works well for a $15 Xbox Live and PSN arcade game.

Yeah, overall the game play is fine. But you know people will bitch and complain about everything they can. Sense of entitlement

the price is irrelevant. yea its cheap, but does that make it good? does it make it ok to be full of bugs and shit? no.

ill take a dump in a grocery bag and sell it to you cheap.