This forum is now for any comic book discussion

Now Sano and sfdevotion will have more on their hands.


we rule!

Oh shit. This is awesome. Now we can make threads about other comics and shit.

yes you can, but you will need to read the new rules that sano and sfdevotion will be coming up with.

HOORAY! Man the comic book thread is really active, now I will have to do actual work as a mod, lol! Oh well, it’s not like I don’t read the thing all day anyway. :rofl:

New rules? Man, this is already work… :rofl:

Short version, no versus topics, don’t scan a comic you just paid for, don’t provide links where you can download comics for free or do anything that will get my ass tossed into jail… don’t flame and stuff, yada yada yada…

I guess I’ll have to get in touch with SFD so we can do “NEW RULES” Bill Maher style.

Any ideas for Sticky Threads? We can have a Marvel, a DC Thread, and I suppose an Underground / Other Thread. Or just Sticky the Comic Book thread? I still have to talk to SFD and stuff before I do anything but any thoughts or suggestions, let me know and PM me.

That’s a good idea. A convention thread would be dope as well. But, I don’t know how much people here go to cons and shit. =/

Yeah, I go to like one Comic Con a year myself and just the one in NY 'cuz I’m too cheap to travel… it seems to me that most people at SRK only hit up a few and / or one a year as far as I can tell. Studio Udon, AKA Udoneko and SFD go to a fair number of cons, so that’s another thing to talk over with them.

YES!!! Thank you Pryde.:china:

Now do the same thing with the fan fic forum so I can write about virtua fighter.


So I talked to SFD and went over everything, I put the new rules in place. Since the older thread had plenty of rules that are still in effect, we decided to change the title and just add to that thread.

I won’t do anything major until tomorrow, but I’m thinking of creating a Sticky Marvel Thread and a Sticky DC Thread and changing the Comic Book Discussion Thread into a Thread that talks about comics that are not Marvel and DC and making it Sticky too. And of course you can create seperate threads about characters and storylines, feel free, go nuts! :looney:


And fuck your rules, sano. I obey no man.

You need to make some additions though, mandatory spell checking for select words and phrases.

For example, I always see people misspell words like…




We should start enforcing those, six month bans each violation.

Hey aren’t you the one always mispelling those words? :looney:

Great news, some other place I can bitch about DC Editorial.

hey, is anybody still reading The Flash?

it actually is turning good, we just had to wait 9 months for it to happen.

at $3 a book, I doubt there are many who would weather that shitty first arc to see it through, comics be expensive and shit.

but I stuck it out because I’m a fan of Bart Allen, and I’m hoping that soon, some writer will actually fucking READ Impulse, and Young Justice, and give the character his soul back.