This forum sucks again

long time no post, klak (although the same could be said abt myself). good to see you still drawing. improved a lot since I last recall :slight_smile:

face reminds me of a cross between Falcoon and Takehiko Inoue. I think it’s the lips (former), nose + eyes (latter).

body’s too long, while middle finger needs to be longer.

suggestion: shading on body would look nicer if it was all in one direction.

nice pic,

oh yeah klak, this forum, like many other things, is cyclical. sometimes it sucks, other times it sucks less.

of course, it could be just be a (another?) downward spiral…


your sarcasm isnt getting to everyone. dont tell EVERYONE their stuff stinks. its only funny when you do it the first time. you’ll only make more enemies if you continue to tell ppl they suck.

Thought you “quit drawing”.:confused:

i did. now stop looking around.

rook: really? i scribbled in many directions as i could lol

Quit drawing?

for shame. You dishonor your family name.:lol: j/k. Not a bad sketch though, rook was right bout the torso being a little long. I really dig the overall pose though. Actually you could get away with his torso being that way as long as you drew the legs accordingly. It would just look very Manga-ish.

Hey ZhanmasterZ, ain’t it ovious I don’t care if nobody in this world likes me letalone this site I’m just some asian american guy wanting to have some and draw aginst some people with some real talent but I guess that ain’t hear, the people who have talent don’t even post (I don’t know why) only people who wanna prove some thing post pics. or something along thoes lines.

  1. the whole AZN thing is wack. we dont care u have asian in you.

  2. real talent…

  3. you are right, ppl with real talent dont post at a VIDEOGAME WEBSITE! they post at ART WEBSITES.

Klakalou…I’m not sure if you’re lookin’ for a critique or suggestions…but I really dig your style…and I hope I’m not offending you by saying this but I really love the “American Manga” style you got goin on…i guess you’d call it that…I’m probly just spittin’ BS and I don’t know what I’m talkin’ about…so I’ll stop…but really cool pic.

oh yeah your smart why do you think I’m not posting here???
I don’t have time to do that anymore at 1st my lil’ bro said that you people are pretty cool so I said ok I’ll post some of my stuff than you asses started to send me nasty ass private messages for what I don’t know, you ass holes were mean too me for no reason so now I returning the favor so get used to it I’m sick of being picked on fight now and I wont stop untill yall stop sending me nasty PM’s its getting on my nerves, and I dont fucking care if you care if I asian, african, french, chinese, korean, spansh american I am what I am and I’m always gonna be and if I feel like saying that I’m asian amarican than shit I’m gonna say it I’ll say what ever I want you can’t stop me or shut me up.

any one else wanna say some shit to me???
If not than I’ll see you in 2 months or more I have better things to do than argue with you guys. :lol: :bluu: :evil:


I post here and at art websites to get people’s interpretations of my work. When you work professionally you are creating work for people…not for other artist… so it’s good to get people’s opinions to see if they understand.

ok look trust me I have talent, what do I have to show you or some thing??? I’m better than you think and beleave me I can back it up very well

Why the hell were you just saying that you didnt’ need our opinions and you were gonna go off and be an independant…and now you want to impress us?

I’m press who??? who are you you guys ??? wtf is this going on???

Wow you are ill… go to what we call in America a “Mental Institution” They’ll give you help there…

Hummmm… I give up you win I suck and none you you don’t fine whatever.