This game and carpel tunnel

has anyone else felt their wrists and hands rapidly lose feeling after hours and hours of play during the short time this game has been out on console?

this is pretty much aimed directly at gamepad and/or native controller users

the constant dashing, hardcore qcf & 360 buffering, etc. on the motion pad has absolutely murdered my left arm and i feel like its a lifetime worth of typing in just months

anyone else dealing with a similar issue ?

Got terrible wrist pains after rampant Guitar Hero play or Guilty Gear X2 #Reload marathons using a keyboard.

SFIV hasn’t given me any problems, it’s a much slower game compared to GG.

Ever played Fate unlimited codes on pad or Hokuto no Ken and ACTUALLY been doing the infinite/good combos? That’s like 6 Button presses a second and cobmbo’s go for like 15+ seconds sometimes. My hands hurt so bad after playing a few hours of archer … but it’s worth it : P

If your young it’s probably tendinitis? Inflamation of Tendons it stings kinda just hold off a day or two you’ll be fine.

A stick is easier on the wrist/hand/digits (I feel) and would probably be cheaper than medical expenses :tup:

I had some hand cramping issues when I was using a 360 controller a lot, but haven’t had any issues using my stick.

smoking pot cures the pain

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My job gives me carpal tunnel.

Is your job to masturbate all day? Because mine is.

Yeah, it’s not carpal tunnel, but a standard inflammation that you can get from sports, instruments, video games etc. If something feels stiff and/or it aches you should stop playing for longer than a day. Get some anti-inflammatory stuff (topical, or ask a doctor how much ibuprofen or similar you can eat). Stop playing until you feel completely fine, and then rest some more. If you just continue playing it will get worse, and eventually you could develop real problems.

Also rethink how you hold your controller/stick. You arms should not be tense. I could easily see how a stick would be worse for this matter if you’re not holding it right.

Yeah i probably had this or that inflamed tendons thing more than likely…i notice it most when im holding the charge on charge characters on that controller analog (more so to the back left, then the right), but the fact im pulling off the actual charge moves themselves with that thing (especially super/ultra ones) probably isn’t helping matters.

I used to play Guitar Hero a lot too but I haven’t played seriously in a very long time…had the same thing happen after a lot of hours on very tricky songs. Best thing to do is relax it, and painkillers if it’s too much at times…Bengay or other creams like that are great, i use Myoflex.

I gotta get a stick one of these days, that controller just wasn’t designed for that sort of game :frowning:

Yeah. When I get wrist pain, I cozy up with a nice Square RPG or something till it’s healed. Take this chance to broaden your gaming horizons!

Ever since I broke the tiny bones in my pink/wrist years ago I get on and off pain.

I usually wear one of those gloves you can buy from CVS…but they don’t work all the time…what I did find most usefull is changing the elevation of your monitor/keyboard/mouse/table…mess with that a little and see how your body feels naturally…if your back is hunched over…arms bent…and your hand is in a angel while typin…i suggest changing your setting

also do more push ups…calcium…etc

i know dis is a tuff one but…everyday before u sleep…if u put a pillow against ur wall…do a handstand…and try to push ur body weight up…do dat like 10 times or whatever u can…u will be doin falcon punches like no other

this is why fighting games are made for sticks. heard a story today about a local guy who used to be some type of guilty gear pad warrior ace. dude got carprel tunnel and cant play games any more. period. buy a stick before super comes out and you cant find them again

I think the pain is more RSI. Repetitive Strain Injury. Doing things over and over again. With a stick you spread out the motions to more muscles.

i used to get this before i got a stick, its no fun at all

hope you aren’t a lefty =P

I have a metal screw in my left wrist. It aches if a) I’m too tense on the joystick, or b) its raining

I had the same issue as well. Having to charge to the left constantly on the analog would quickly lead to my hand hurting.

I switched to stick and that’s no longer a problem.

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