This game even worth learning?


i want to learn this game cause it seems awesome i love the characters but from what im hearing, no one plays it and its just horrible. i played it when it first came out and had no problems with the online, i played a match or two last night and there was a terrible input delay. is that because of the netcode fix from the online sound bug patch?

  1. Play it yourself and make your own judgement on whether you like it or not, don’t let the haters make up your mind for you.
  2. Online code is better than UMvC3 but not as crisp as SSFIV:AE2012, you do get used to it and input delay isn’t an issue for me (and I play Lei, a character heavily reliant on precise inputs) Sometimes it’s just lag from someone with a poor connection, I live in Australia so when I say my internet has practically lagless online, you know I mean it lol.
  3. Online is plentiful, if you want local competition you can probably find it.
  4. Drop the “is it even worth playing” attitude. The SFxT community is over this “lol this game should die” speech, we hear it enough from people who don’t like the game so when you come to our boards try and be a little more constructive.

Hope this post was helpful.


oh im not downing the game its just what i hear at higher level play. as for the game itself i love it, the characters are awesome and i love the combo and the mechanics.


Unfortunately, that’s the thing holding this game back from getting bigger. People are susceptible to peer pressure and if their friend/s say it’s a bad game they don’t want to play it. Ricky Ortiz and PR Balrog as well as some other big names are enjoying the game and want it to succeed, so there will be plenty of high level play to look forward to. My best piece of advice is to read this thread You’re Doing It Wrong (Addressing common mistakes/misperceptions with solutions) and just play it for a while longer. See if it fits what you’re looking for in a game, and pick characters you enjoy. Best of luck.



Also, JWong said “Game is good” on Twitter this evening, is that enough pro-endorsement for ya? :wink:


Learning the game is worth it. Just don’t be those noobs out there that don’t want to learn and just mash jabs into abc launchers. Makes the game so boring to the rest of us.


yes it is worth learning the worst fighting game capcom ever made


How about some solid arguments to back up that statement Snake


Its a weird game with weird property’s, just see if its Your thing, i tried for months as i love Streetfighter since the first with big pressure buttons and tekken 1 ugly ass… Its was hard for me to find the tekken or the sf in it…Its its own thing. feels like it wants to be marvel, BUt you can just play marvel, i stopped playing at the relento glitch the amount of players have dropped as its not like before when every match was full bars online, some one close, seems as alot moved on, but alot also stayed.


He’s a troll, doesn’t need arguments. Good ol’ bandwagon hate!


The gems remind me of Thanos because of his Infinity Gauntlet.
and the only reason people hate this game because when they saw the locked content.
That’s when the band wagon started.


Kinda true, even though people are forgetting Capcom Fighting All Stars. Then again, if sfxt had a true loke test it would of probably went worse than CFAS.


SFxT is a good game. It’s fun and dont let the negative feedback stop you from playing it. This game is on the road of a bright future IMO. There’s alot of people who said this game is ass but are playing it since the dlc came out and the latest patch.


This is the late Raul Julia’s answer to your question…



true story


Screw the haters, SFxT is perfectly fine. It just has some basty stigmas around it, but as others have pointed out the latest DLC and patch are really bringing it around.


The only real thing that bothers me about it is seeing Ryu and Kazuya teams online always, it gets pretty boring.
But meh, Yoshi Julia all day!


I don’t like x tekken, but any game you enjoy is worth learning imo.


You can literally find people who say that about every single fighting game known to man.

You need to play the game for yourself, find characters you like, and come to your own conclusion. That’s the key. Finding the right characters is huge. PoisonXAsuka and ElenaXChristie allow me to play this game infinitely. Find yours.


Stop listening to dumb stream monsters.