This game is amazing, and I'm confident the majority of SRK will agree

This is nothing more than a positive thread. I feel that with the recent complaining going on with people claiming it’s a fake sequel and Justin Wong’s crying that people are lowering their expectations.

I just wanted to give a shout out to CAPCOM for an amazing game. All of you will enjoy yourselves this coming Tuesday, and all other reputable tourny players have loved the game so far.

All that Work Seth put in to promote the game gone with 1 sentence from Justin Wong…


i dont think ive ever seen a “i love this game” thread

It is good to have a positive spin on the salt sea going on.


This game is good because it is accessible like sf4.

People who hate on it are either elitist and bad or just bad. Those that cannot adapt with also down rate this game.


I feel like the same thing has happened. I understand the whole competitive scene and the household names hold more weight, but no one mentions how Yipes and Sanford have praised the game (even dating back to NYCC).

J Wong will be playing MvC3 at EVO, and he knows it. He knows his opinion is going to cause a stir because people fall into the drama too much sometimes. At the end of the day, only the opinion of the certain individual is going to matter.

But bashing a game and then saying you’re going back to a game that is also an unbalanced mess? Well that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

Wong’s opinion is only going to matter if he wins EVO. If he thinks it’s that cheap and easy…he better win. If he doesn’t then obviously it wasn’t that easy. Besides, even though MvC2 infinites took skill, they WERE cheap. Now that infinites are out…the game is less cheap but easier to play. That means more competition.

My guess is Wong thinks this is like Smash Bros. Brawl and MvC2 was Melee. We’ll just have to see if it got watered down too much but I think Seth made sure they left a lot of stuff open for deep competitive strategy.

MVC 3 got dumbed down, thats no surprise, any old school player who is disappointed at this must not have been following the game at all, or simply didn’t wanna believe it. Me personally i will reserve my opinion for a bit. Oh btw anyone know where i can find this rant by justin wong?

EDIT: found it, i must say i do agree with him in some regards. At the moment the game does seem a little easy, but thats not the issue. Its the ridiculous damage values, with very little effort some characters kick out that worries me plus I swear if a year down the road im seeing sentinels in every team again, Im done. Not because I hate sentinel, quite the contrary I was one of the people defending his inclusion in this game, but if it turns out he is still over-powered Im probably not gonna be playing this game for very long.

That being?

As for the other guy, don’t worry, just suck it up and find a way around it and if there isn’t a way around it, deal with it.

Man. All franchises get dumbed down eventually. I just hate 1 thing about this game. That otg nonsense. That is stupid.

can i ask something if he thought the game is easy why didnt he say anything till now? he probably played this game more then anybody…is sentinel really the big of a gamebreaking character?

That is a very confusing thought. If the game is too easy change the difficulty setting to hard mode, that’s all you have to do.

As for online, I would like a fair and well rounded game but it seems that people want a one sided sort of thing where the other person would have to waste hours upon hours just to stand a chance. Those who played several hours shouldn’t be complaining, should already have mastered the game.

Sent in mvc2 you had to invest time with where in this game you don’t. The big problem to most is new players will be able to pick him and enter tourneys and get farther.

Agreed! Despite our different views on the DLC, the game looks amazing. Can’t wait to actually get my hands on it; though I’m still using a regular 360 controller, hopefully another good FightStick deal comes around soon, as the current one on the Round 2 Sticks are all sold out for the 360.


How is that a problem?

Just saying from his point of view. Got to remember America rewards hard work mentality, more so than anything else. I think there should be a few high tiers with low execution but there should be top tiers that you have to invest time in. I mean, look at BB. You have your easier to use chars who are good then you have Karl and Arakune, who you have to invest time with but are pretty dangerous after you do.

Justin called the game “cheap”? I understand easy, but cheap? I didn’t know that he felt that way about Sent…

hahahaha not really. If you’re talking about random tournament probably. I want to see EVO 2011 top 16 to be all random players that nobody knows because this GAME IS TOO EASY OMG.

Yeah, not going to happen. Stop making silly claims.

I’m not. Saying that this means instead of people practicing for hours with Sent, some will pick him up quicker and get farther, with less practice. The same old crows will probably still control the top spots but we will see more new blood getting a little bit higher quicker than in the old days.


The good players, the ones with years of MvC2 experience, will win those tournaments. You can’t fast track fighting game fundamentals or match up knowledge.