This game is BROKEN. in a good way

am I the only one that has noticed every single character in this game is so broken that even their movesets feel like pure trolling?(laws walking 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1… im glaring at you and then loling at wut u did thar.)

they gave jin one of the most broken projectile types that fighting games have… the cpus freaking tag out during long throw animations and do trollin ass bullshit like jump over both of you until its finished or crouch taunt/charge a super… nina has some no hitstun special that does ridiculous damage, kazuyas naruto run wave dash, kazuyas runawayvedash glitch, kazuyas purple hook EX randomly only hitting the first part(they did this so that its would ALWAYS luanch them into the uppercut if he finishes the match with this move LOL its the only time its consistent), jins kick that puts them air spinning in JUST enough time to full charge into a super… theres no way this is all an accident…

lolololol its a legit and fun game but theres just no way that they didnt make everyone broken as shit on purpose like this gaem is brawl minus status broken on purpose.

i think we all need to calm down on the hype over these Desk combos and stuff(i wont lie he has good execution from the mk9 shit i seen) bcuz most of all this stuff is pretty easy and it seems like other characters have plenty of potential to do just as many retarded good things.

what is “kazuya’s runawayvedash glitch”? i’m curious, im trying to play him.

its basically if you do the first mist step under someone you can continue doing the short cut wavedash (QCF>QCF>QCF>QCF) away from them infinitely, no idea what kind of gaurding/etc properties it might have.

can anyone think of anything else that when you see it you think “TROLOLOLOLOL” or OMFG THIS TROLLING BASTARD?

laws 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 string on online warms might heart every time.

His runaway glitch is where he tries to jump off screen and into a respectable fighting game, but fails.

u made a new accout today to bitch about this ?

i wasnt bitching, i actually find it to be quite awesome. everyone is stupid good and its legit. i wanna know moar LAWLBROKEN

in case anyone hadnt noticed thread is unlocked.

also, noticed that when you WD with kazuya you can use the purple hook attack instead of an EWGF/spinning demon depending on when you press the punch in relation to wether you are pressing forward or down+forward (might only work with shortcut WDing) havent really looked into whether you can do other stuff but it makes for some very long reaching fireball proof approaches. does anyone know what determines if they get crumpled or swept by this move? doesnt seem to exists in kaz threads.

also it feels like law ALWAYS has the frame advantage during his 1111111111111111111111 string, i know this cant be true but there HAS to be characters that cant do shit about getting lawl jabbed to death… ive seen it beat characters jabs i wouldnt expect it to beat out of a block string, right now i just troll people by comboing into it but it seems like it has ALOT of value as a pressure tool that it seems like alot of online players are ignoring it even exists.

in 500+ games played online, i’ve won once with pandora… and never been killed by it

Had a Cammy do a jump in on my low hp Akuma, did pandora into Julia super… nothing fancy :frowning:

I dont think you know what the meaning of broken is.

Pandora is a really useless mechanic with out using the 30% gems that activate when pandora activates. stat gems + pandora = better than anything any of the retarded 3 slot gems i have heard about tho. if only it would have been just stat gems… both would be legit. but still you can do some narly stuff with pandora but the 8 second limit you get im not sure if its all that worth it… but i could be wrong and it roman cancels or something amazing but it doesnt seem like it does plus you die mid super on most supers :S if stat gems are legal tho it has HUGE potential. it just depends on which one happens for the tourney scenes.

project justice… its something that is so good it breaks the game or changes the way the game is played universally. which none of the so called infinites and such are, they dont ruin the approach system, they dont make you have to pick only certain viable characters, they dont leave you 100% optionless, they dont do any ultrabroken game ruing shit, i mean they do 60% tops and most combos in this game do like 70-80%(visual health loss interpretation idk what the values really are) in fact that they do considerably less damage than the character in questions best combos which makes them far from broken.

however most FGC members take really good moves and mechanics as “broken” just because they have a hard time with it so i wanted to find out what the cool/awesome/BROKENLAAAWL shit for chars that arent my chars are in order to develop a more strong understanding of “team synergy” as well as other possible effects of these mechanics and things in hopes of quickly developing a more technical metagame rather than kick back and watch every one cry about how this is too good and nerf this and nerf that FUCK THAT. make everything MORE BROKEN. i really miss when we had to get around the match ups difficulties rather than beg for balance.

This. Ah the good old days…

which is the goal of this thread. maybe if enough people figure out they broke the fuck out of this game on purpose they will try to get better rather than get all the other guys who cant beat tactic x to cry about it too