This game is cool. But I need help

My sister loves this game.Shes only 14 and she thinks that the art style is so mesmerizing its like watching a cartoon network show and the backgrounds are so full of life and movement that you can’t take your eyes of them.

And oh yes the gems she loves the gems. To tell you the truth after 10 years of playing sf I have also always wondered what ryu and ken would look like while glowing green like they are at the disco dancing and having fun.

Anyways to the point. She gets really mad when someone uses roll to evade pressure situations so I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how to punish rolls universally?

This game is amazing guys im glad I bought it and supported capcom.Now while I play 3s no one is nagging me, peace finally.

Also I sure hope that capcom uses the same engine for Street Fighter 5 that way my sister can make the transition from sfxt smoothly like she did with sf4 although that game was a lot harder for her than sfxt.

Jump back with an some kinda attack? If you predict the roll obviously.

Also No on the last section. It’s good that she likes the art I like it too but it’s a completely new game. New SF generation.

Rolls are completly safe. You can predict one but you still can’t punish it. The best you can do when dealing with a roll is a command grab or jump back and get a random, fucked up crossup and hope your opponent doesn’t block it.

Rolls are pretty damn safe, it’s retarded. But the best thing you can do is jump in on them and continue to lay on some offense if they do so.

had this same situation in brawl. since you could roll on wakeup you’d have to chase them, and yeah, grab if you predict right. i think if you’re positioned properly you can punish a roll with a command grab. i definitely wouldn’t try it with the normal (ass) throws. i usually just chase with a meaty sweep because i don’t actually play with a grappler type character. past that, you can punish it with a fireball or something else safe for free chip and meter. as a ryu player, charged hadoken games are pretty fun and relatively free damage because the backdash is completely invincible.

the other thing is that these rolls can and do dick over charge characters due to the side switching factor, so in order to preserve charge just jump away.

if you’re trying to keep your opponent in the corner, try not to knock them down too much since then they can just roll out. if you play a knockdown heavy character, them assume they’ll try to roll out and walk backwards. if they don’t, they’re still in the corner and you’ve got a lot of space to read them with. if they do, meaty and then push them back in. if they’re too focused on leaving the corner that puts you at the advantage as they can only leave by rolling, knocking you down, or jumping over you.

having said that, it’s a bit difficult for some characters to apply decent pressure mid-screen. I like to (again, as a ryu player) push the enemy into the corner with c.MK xx tatsu or c.MK xx joudan as both of those moves send the enemy flying all the way across the screen. Dash up, oki game, corner pressure, win.

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if she uses a chars with a hitbox out both sides (see: juri neutral jump HK) she can use that as a free meaty and then work from there. But if she’s like me and doesnt use one, then she can always wait on the ground and react to what they do