This game is so bad online lol


Tried playing friend who lives a mile away, total lag…you can combo but there’s like .5-1 sec of clear input delay. Speed of light my ass :confused:

BTW, BBCS, SFIV and MvC2 are all perfectly playable.

Anyway it’s bearable I guess, but it’s a step back from SFIV.


Tell your friend to turn off the porn torrents.

The netcode is fine between me and a friend that lives 2 miles away. But I am not sure if it’s better than SF4 netcode.


Don’t make this thread until after the actual release date. Thanks. At this point it’s hard to tell who’s serious and trolling. Wait until it’s in everyone’s hands so that people can understand wth you’re talking about clearly and have their own experiences which may or may not be similar to your own. <3