This game is too chaotic! Tips for a veteran KOF, old school SF player?

I played very competitively KOF till XI, and Im decent in SF4, but now when I try playing TVC the action is just too fast that I barely manage to keep track of my character. I never played a GG game, or MVC2 so doing multiple jumps, air dashed, flashy combos, tagging its all new to me. Add this the so many features the tvc gameplay has and the action can get pretty chaotic at times. Everytime I have started playing a fighting game, first I train some bnb combos, then I play with the cpu in the hardest skill possible. I do that in tvc but I dont think thats a good way to start learning the game since all I see are flashy air tag combos with characters I dont even know what moves they have.

Whats a good starting point for a tvc beginner that wants to get competitively eventually?
I was thinking maybe mastering 4 basic characters like ryu, batsu, chunli, and alex with some bnb combos … then play via wifi with noobs like me.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ryu and Chun Li are good characters to start with. Very solid characters and master the bnb combos. I think you have a good idea where to go from where you are right now.

Start on the normal difficulty. I would stay there until you are comfortable with most of the basic gameplay mechanics.

You’re in SoCal! Play us during casuals when we have a tournament day!

I’m also an old-school SNK and SF fan. This game is fast but not as unmanageably fast as MvC2. Ryu is almost always a good place to start. He’s very good in this game and you’ll learn the basics with him quickly. Casshan has a very KoF feel to me and he’s become my main. He has rekka type punches and a dp that hops forward a it that takes some getting used to but it feels more SNK than Capcom to me. The one thing I have to remember when I play this game is that I don’t have to press buttons as fast as it seems. As you learn the timing, you’ll probably notice that too. It’s far easier to combo here than KoF. The characters all have a unique rhythm so it make take a while to find one that clicks with you.

Yeah, I know exactly how you feel, I tried to get into MVC2 a while ago, and had the same problems, still can’t manage it… Thank goodness TvC isn’t so bad, and I got the game close to the international release date, so I don’t have to play catch up (which I’ve done for EVERY other fighting game I’ve played).

I’d say yeah. Know how the magic sequence works, Practice online. I’m only starting to work Baroque, Megacrush and VCs into my game now. (Didn’t need them to win before, but I’ve found some good players here on SRK and from random matches)…

Most people are pretty bad at this point since the game’s so new. Just remember to block ALOT, Lots of things that seem like openings (at least to me, from A2 and ST, Samurai Shodown,) really are not, and that was my downfall during my first day or two playing TvC.

Other than that, like they said, you’re on the right track. and it could be a lot worse. again, MvC2 Is still way over my head. I’m hoping TvC can ease me into it.

that is VERY true. Once you find one character you like, Stick with him/her, and choose other people until you find a good match.
For me, at first I picked Chun/Saki/Roll/ Switched out chun and saki with pretty much the rest of the capcom cast and a few of the tatsunoko cast, and it made a big difference, in game play. Eventually I noticed alot of people online picked Zero, So i decided to unlock him. I now have my team. Zero/Roll, and they play into my strengths and weaknesses perfectly. Never In any other game, have I felt that choice of character has mattered so much than in TvC, It’s like the Zero/roll team is finetuned for me, Slight switchouts I do sometimes for counterpicks change the playstyle dramatically.

Have I learned many BnBs? not really, Just stick with the Magic sequence, and experiment with that until you’re more comfortable with the game system. You can get by just fine with that. I think I’m going to start learning BnBs and combos today. And I’m sure everyone I’ve played against can vouch that I can hold my ground.

It’s not really that chaotic especially if you’ve ever touched MvC2. This game is good and pretty balanced. Just take it one step at a time you have to remember what’s practical and what isn’t practical. Looking at some of the combo videos that have been put up isn’t very practical to judge where your skill level is at. I would say learn the ins and outs of your character learn their BnB’s then learn their advanced combo’s with barogue’s. The partner switching can come after that but only once you’ve gotten the basic down no point in trying to walk before you can crawl.

im in socal too!!! can i have in. i still trying to get good at this though. i main with ryu(who doesn’t) and yatterman-1

i need some help imma sf player myself and i love the rushdown mixup characters… so who in ur opinion is good for that? i want a good team i wanna have the tools to win wiith my team no matter if i like them or not. I have no idea who most of the cast is which makes it a little harder on me can someone give me some advice? its like i can train with the character but i still dont kno the style of play of the particualr chars im testing out i like yatterman 1 and ken the eagle but i also want that rushdown mixup team that can bring the paintrain!

For mix-ups, I find Polimar to be excellent. He has a dash attack that puts him behind the opponent very quickly. His 360 super is easily done in the air which puts some fear of the launcher into the opponent. His walking speed is extremely slow so you’ll have to constantly dash. I also like Casshan for ruchdown/mix-up play. Friender allows you some interesting mind games and his ability to cross the screen quickly is very useful. Chun Li, Alex, Zero, Karas and Yatterman-1 all have good rushdown games but I don’t really play them so I don’t have that much insight on them.

I find this game to be very rushdown friendly, unlike SFIV. Something about it screams for aggressive play.