This game is too hard to get into

I had this game for a while and everytime i go online all my oponents are fuckin 9th lords with 600wins… my record is 0-10 and i just unlocked the “play training mode for 5hours” achievement. right now i use nova/hulk/magneto and im lost.

Quit while you’re ahead.
…or behind.
Your pick.

Lol UMVC3 is the easiest game to get into besides Mortal Kombat.

Block, Advanced Guard, and lay on Offense.

  1. 5 hours isn’t shit
  2. records don’t mean shit u know how to play ur team?

lol if someone is a 9th lord with 600 wins they are terrible.

If I were you I would go into mission mode and do as many missions as you can with all the characters. This will teach you basics and you may also find other characters you like. Next take your team into training mode and see what you can come up with or just practice combos you see on youtube or these forums. After you feel more comfortable with your team go online and find people who are at a similar skill level as you and play with them.

BTW Magneto might be a little advanced for you. You may have better luck with Wesker, Captain America, Sentinel, Taskmaster, or Spencer. Just try out mission mode and you’ll find other characters you’re more comfortable with.

Online is certainly unforgiving. I just play around in training mode, which is definitely worth $40.

Man the fuck up.accept that you still have work to put in to get better and get to character specific forums here and plenty of youtube videos.

When I first played MvC2 as far as learning advanced and pro stuff I said the same thing. At first it just looks like so much is going on, you hear announcers throw around all these terms, talking about matchups, random tech stuff being discussed etc. Best thing to do is pick a team you like and learn the characters one at a time in training room. Read that characters page on SRK from the start and watch videos on Youtube. After awhile of playing and practicing the game slows down because you know that combo, mixup or reset because you’ve read about it and practiced it over and over.

Also something to relieve a lot of potential stress: Don’t take online records seriously, ever. Online is ass, especially in UMvC3, it doesn’t mean a damn thing, so just play the matches and try to learn stuff, but I wouldn’t pay much attention to who got the W.

Sounds like Assassin’s Creed / God Of War may be more suitable for you

Ironically this game isn’t that easy to get into because of how much stress the game puts on you for doing a bad mistake. the game only apology for doing this is really…X-Factor. TVC, SF4, and SFXT are much less stressful than this game actually is. Sure the combos are easy, .but in high level…the stress higher than it is than most fighters has ever been.

However, you shouldn’t be complaining about losing to players training their asses. You got to play the game a bit more than to beat them. If you don’t like it, play something else. However you got to lose at some point to become a better player.

Not to be rude, but if you can’t get into this game, you have to question whether you can play fighting games. This game is mad easy to get into. Definitely the easiest game to get decent in. People get scared because of the speed, but once you get used to the movement of any character, it becomes soooooooooo much easier…

These are steps I take to learn a team in this game and how I learned how to play MVC3.

Step 1: Learn how to move (most important thing in this game IMO).

Step 2: Learn a BNB with your team and setups into that BNB (like off an assist, anti-air, off a grab, etc.)

Step 3: Learn punishments.

Step 4: Learn a couple 50/50’s to open people up.

Step 5: Find some ABSOLUTE bullshit. IE. Unblockables, resets, frame traps, etc. Utilize it in matches…

Step 6: Hit training mode EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME you turn this game on and practiced what you learned.

Follow these steps and this game will become easy to you.

You just started to play this game. Of course you gonna find it difficult at first. Just keep playing the game. It will be really easy to you.

lol, 9th lord.

Back when i started in vanilla, the first thing I made sure to learn how to do was finish combos, even if they were simple ones. So I hit training mode for a while before going online.

When I was at that point, I still kinda hovered around 7th-8th lord for a month or so.

(at this point, I went to my first local tournament and went 2-1, 29th out of 30 or something, lol).
After I kinda optimized my combos (still keep them simple), and learned how to block, I managed to get to 3rd lord within another month or so.
After that, I kinda got a feel for how footsies work in this game, and made it to Cosmic Lord after another another month or so.

Then I went to my second tournament and got 9th place out of 50 or something.
Late in vanilla’s lifespan, I managed to get 4th in a small local (like, 30 people, maybe).

Vanilla MvC3 breakdown:
Hours spent on the game: over 200. Money spent: ~$115. Bragging rights: none.

Would I do it again? heck yeah.

As for people saying that the game is easy to get into, it isn’t if you try playing online. There’s just so much oppressive stuff in this game that it’s hard to play for lots of people.

Don’t mean to be too rude but if you are fighting people with 600 wins and are 9th lords, most likely they all are gonna DC on you anyway.

I call bullshit. Yes this game is not difficult when you are used to marvel 2 and other fighters. The marvel system by nature is more complex then the lot of you are making it out to be.

Mvc gameplay is not easy to get into. Its not easy to just “lol I’ve done 10 missions now I can handle multiple mixups and fishing for tod combos now cause someone on the forums said it was easy”

Its a pretty chaotic game.
Take the advice but you guys really need to keep some of the opinions out of it.
Madden is easy to someone whose played every one and is very affluent in football, to someone whose never seen one and doesn’t know shit about football its hard.
Use context people.

Sometimes I wonder if this game is so easy that it’s hard.

you’re pretty vague on what your issue is. “I keep losing to 9th lords online” can be the result of multiple reasons. I’ll try to help though.

For playing as characters, what i do is to find out how to do simple yet efficient combos with my favorite characters. No, not ABC launcher, ABC air launcher. Stuff that usually involves extensions such as wall bounces, ground bounces, moves that hit off the ground, etc. Those will allow you to do more damage.

You also want to know all of those characters moves because being aware of all your options in a battle is really important. Nova, Hulk, AND Magneto all have full screen projectiles. Hulk has Gamma Charge which can beat out a lot of characters’ moves. Nova and Magneto have flight AND air dashes. Your team has quite a lot of options. Take advantage of them depending on what situation you’re in. If someone is abusing projectiles, abuse your own. If someone is rushing down on you, learn how to block. Seriously, blocking is amazing. (You could be thrown when you’re blocking but 9th lords don’t know how to do that. lmao.)

If it’s actually landing combos on your opponent that troubles you, find out which normal moves are safe (if it misses or is blocked, you can block without worry) and use those to start your combos.

Hopefully I somewhat addressed whatever is causing you to be displeased with the game. In the end, you’re just going to have to do your homework and learn more about those characters. This site has specific forums and videos for them so look at them. You’ll learn something new.

The rank or win/loss record of a player online is absolutely no indication of their skill level. I’ve played people who are cosmic lords with 3000+ matches logged and they play like they’ve just started the game.

Keep practicing, keep watching the best players and trying to understand what they do, and when you run into a gimmick you don’t know how to deal with (which will happen MANY times online because those players are pretty much all about that), then set the gimmick up in practice mode (by recording the CPU doing it) and test out counters to it.

If your on Xbox my GT is Septic Tank53 (don’t forget space and caps)

Basically, what you need is a good training partner who knows the mechanics of the game. A big issue nobody seems to have really addressed is know your opponents characters. If i were to use vergil, i would rapid slash all day at iron fist. Spencer however, i would give second thoughts, in fear of being bionic armed. Same for akuma. I haven’t ever tested rapid slash against his tatsu, but i don’t feel confident about it know akumas tatsu destroys worlds. If you know your opponents characters as much as he knows them, then you already have a strong advantage.

So, if your on xbox, send me a friend request sometime and i’ll be your training partner.