This game is too hard to get into

In terms of learning this is by far the easiest fighting game out there to pick up. There really is no learning curve, figuring out how the game works doesn’t take long at all. What makes it seem difficult is that its very fast paced with lots of stupid bullshit that would be banned in any other fighting game. Thats just stuff you learn to live with and find ways around, even Justin Wong gets blown up by stupid bullshit sometimes.

I’d just say that it is very hard to learn to play when you are stuck in blockstun. Probably should stick with training mode for a while.

this holds true for basically every fighting game, though.

This one moreso than others, because if you make a mistake and are playing against someone decent, you don’t get to play.

I say play the arcade untill u can beat it on hard or very hard then go online. U should be able to get a win then.

Actually, I would not recommend this. The AI is ridiculous at hard/very hard; mixups and crossups never work and the only efficient way to dominate computer opponents at that difficulty is to chip them with projectiles. I’m a 4th lord online yet I find Very Hard… well, very hard. What I’m trying to say is that you can’t learn much from playing Hard/Very Hard; they punish your moves at the very same frame as your own attack, which is NEVER going to intentionally happen in a match with two human players. I’d personally rather have the experience needed to fight human players, not computers.

Wow fourth lord? Nice job. I’m a beginner. I warm up on very hard then go online. Hay to each there own.

I think you should search for a lobby and make sure the name of the lobby that you are searching for is Beginners. that way you can get good practice on human players at you skill level instead of the AI.

Hey, when I first got the game, I thought 9th Lords were the highest rank and was waiting to move to 1st Lord… lol
Best thing to do is to go to beginner lobbies. Sure, there may be that one guy that obviously is not a beginner, but at least you are less likely to fight experienced players. Also, try every character a few times. This may seem excessive, but some characters are way more fun and/or effective than they might seem. Hell, just spend a few training sessions going through entire random-select teams and see what you find. If nothing else, you will know what options everyone has and can plan around that.

Pretty much this, playing against the AI won’t teach you how to do anything except play against the AI. The AI doesn’t play the game the way humans do, it doesn’t try to pressure you instead just blocking everything flawlessly and using regular throws in situations that probably aren’t even possible for a human (one time the computer threw me while I was playing Vergil with Spiral Swords on).

The game is hard to play PROPERLY. The guys that are just throwing out gimmicks, random supers, spamming teleports at every opportunity and whatever other nonsense that you see online, aren’t really playing the game properly. It’s difficult to attain a sense of clarity when playing such a chaotic game, don’t listen to the people that say it’s easy to play. It’s easy to abuse, yes…but that isn’t necessarily good play, depending on what you are doing.

i somewhat disagree with this statement. Throwing out gimmicks, random supers, spamming teleports… they ARE playing the game properly, just not smartly. What looks like a random super to a beginner can be identified as a punish super to a unsafe move the other player did.

When beginners see this, they can’t identify why the pro player did it, and make the mistake of thinking random supers are ok. same with teleports too. Dr strange as a fast enough teleport to punish an unsafe random move (usually in the case of a ground hyper from akuma or dante, while strange is in the air).

Playing training mode for 5 hours, thats fine. Playing against the AI, is good. Getting used to the controls is one of the first things, and learning combos with your team of choice. I used to spam launcher a lot in vanilla when i first started playing, and 90% of the time i would drop the combo because i couldn’t confirm the hit and jump in time. If you learn to play Dante and practice against the AI, you can learn to use LMH launcher and react to your own hits. By the time you make it to Heavy, if the opponent didn’t guard you can launch and continue the combo without fear of him retaliating. If you do get blocked, you need to stop the combo before hitting launcher, otherwise the opponent will get in a combo of his own. Learning to do this will make it much, much harder for a human opponent to get in on you.

After that, learn to do left,right and high,low mixups. With safe combo starting and strong mixups, you’ll do a thousand times better online. Being able to do this will almost always guarantee a fight that leads the opponent down to one last character. From their, if he XFactors and beats you, don’t sweat it.

Lastly, make sure you get good at blocking and identifying your opponents mixups. Good blocking, knowing what your opponent may throw at you, strong mixups on your part, and not throwing yourself into being freely combo’d… you will become one strong player.

Also, try not for a little while to do a bunch of advanced combos. ABCS > Jump > BBCS > character specific ending that leads to hyper. This is all you’ll need to get some wins in. After you get some wins in, go back to training mode or hit up youtube to find ways to extend your combos for maximum damage or meter build.

You’re right its a very difficult game to play at a high level due to the fast pace and huge amounts of bullshit, but like I said as far as learning how the game is played and what works vs what doesn’t this is a very easy game to get into.

He has a point if you’re a 100% casual player that hasn’t been brought up on MvC2 or any other Marvel type/fast paced, over the top, get blown up quick type of game.

Most of us on SRK are use to it, so it seems crazy to hear people say that… but if I was very new to marvel and played a decent player, I’d be like wtf is this wesker guy doing, I can’t block this shit, why does he keep jumping up back and shooting me, wtf is xfactor… etc.

Maybe it’s just me but I think because Marvel is so unforgiving it can be hard to “get into” for people used to slower paced more footsie dependent games. Marvel is too dirty for a lot of people.

I hear nothing but complaints from the SF players whenever we switch to Marvel. It’s just too fast for them and they don’t know how to deal with assists. They get so confused.

I agree. I don’t like how people say it is easy to get into because typically there is soooo much going on at once that it is hard for a new person to wrap their head around.

I’m sorry you’re losing at video games. My condolences.

Gonna say this as someone whose first fighting game was SF4 and has recently started trying to learn how to play marvel. This game is really fucking difficult to get into. I played against this guy yesterday about twenty times (he won them all). He was using strider/nemesis/doom and I had no idea what was going on nearly all of the time. I’d try to throw out some purifications to try and gather my thoughts but strider is teleporting everywhere, and I try and block but then I see that i’m being hit and I don’t understand why. Don’t get me wrong - I know how crossups, high-lows etc work but the game is really fast paced and a beginner like me against a good player is completely fucked. Today I played against a guy’s phoenix and against regular jean I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I am still playing to learn, if I run into someone who perfects me i will hit rematch, but I don’t think anyone can say that this game is easy to get into.

Just keep playing and eventually you’ll start seeing shit and get on your feet. Marvel was my first fighting game ever and I probably had a 5-10% win rate for the first whole month that I was playing, granted I didn’t pick BS chars so that might have sped things up, but still. Once you get used to the pace of the game and get into the rhythm of “learn easy flowchart bullshit, hold up/back until said bullshit can be applied” you’ll be fine. If this is too much for you though then you can pick the characters that have the easiest bullshit and basically play the game for you. For example if you have trouble with keepaway pick Wesker and Vergil and just mash teleports. If you don’t like getting pressured or rushed down pick Hawkeye with Doom assist. Etc.