This game is too hard to get into

While I agree it’s easy, it’s not the easiest thing to understand for some people at first. The speed of it can be a little confusing/offputting for inexperienced players. I know I have friends who think its way too hectic for them (Which is one reason I don’t play anymore.)

Actually, you can’t do that with Dante unless you’re in the corner. H pushes them out too far. That’s why the standard Dante combo follows the H with a Stinger Bold Cancelled into Volcano, etc. etc. into a bunch of stuff that beginners can’t do. I mention this because it’s an illustration of one of the things that really does make this game difficult to get into. There is a lot of character-specific knowledge to get under your belt before you can really start playing effectively, and it even extends to systems which are supposed to be universal such as the magic series (LMH), which works for almost everyone, but not Dante.

These minute little details have a huge impact on the course of a match, and until you’re quite familiar with a lot of rules-of-thumb (e.g. always be prepared to mash H when you’re close to your opponent in the air to throw/throw tech), you’ll get destroyed by most of the players in this game, who by this point have put quite a lot of time into learning this game.

Keep in mind that the very large majority of the players online are actually pretty terrible, despite how bad they might beat you and what their online ranking is. I am utterly shocked at how low some people will go…I’m in disbelief. Almost every player I’ve played online is abusing some kind of gimmick, usually gimmicks I’ve never seen in high level play. If you haven’t seen it, you will probably get blown up…these players are content with finding one trick to abuse over and over and over for thousands of matches and seem to have no desire to truly learn the game the way it’s supposed to be played. There’s like 1st lords and high lords i’ve run into with like 4000 matches in their ranked score that play like they’ve just started playing the game, it’s really quite mindboggling how someone can be content with such mediocrity for thousands of matches.

If you really want to learn the game, don’t stoop to this level. Watch the best players in the world (typically offline players), try to understand what’s going on and when you do, try to incorporate it into your game. You will be continuously faced with stupid gimmicks if you’re playing online, some of them being difficult to counter at first and super mindless to execute - try to replicate it in practice mode after and figure out some counters to it.

I hate it when people say “the way it’s supposed to be played.” Their is no specific way, you either play to have fun or play to win. I personally play to have fun and do continue learning new things (this is after playing since a couple months after vanilla came out).

But i have to agree with one thing in particular: Don’t stick to one thing. in two seperate lobbies i have seen two different people come in with vergil, dante, wesker as their team. I never look at backgrounds of the characters prematch to see what assists they have, and still don’t know what each color stands for, but i already knew. Dante had weasel shot. Dante weasel shot into vergil teleport crossup. Granted, a lot of times this works, but i laughed at it. Both times nemesis took down the entire teams.

crossups are good, but your not putting your opponent at a 50/50 if you always teleport behind them. You have to change it up to become a consistent winner.

Now, i don’t play tourneys, so i don’t know what you’ll see at high level play other than what i’ve seen in youtube videos. But, to the others in this thread who keep talking about it, this isn’t the place to speak of high-level play. If you need help getting used to the pace of the game, go into training and play against the cpu on very hard and simple learn to block. You can also add me if your on Xbox.

GT: Septic Tank53

But if you go the training room route, don’t attempt at first to fight the computer. left/right and high/low mixups don’t work on the cpu on any level of difficulty. Any mindless move is dependent on the computers little on/off switch of whether it will hit or not, and you don’t learn anything by fighting the computer. Just learn to block and get used to the mindset “if he jumps over me, i need to block the other direction” or “since he’s on the ground, crouch blocking is my safest bet.” Then, with your team of choice, see how long it takes for each of your normal attacks to come out, as well as how soon you can move after throwing them out. same for specials. Against other players, your gonna have to attack, and with 90% of the cast in the game you don’t want to end a combo with a launcher unless your other normals have connected with the opponent, because if your opponent doesn’t spam advancing guard like most new players do, then theirs a good chance he knews if your unsafe, and no amount of good blocking skills you have will save you if you mash unsafe moves.

From their, learn to do combos, and thats it. Your good to go. As you gain more experience you will eventually learn the character specifics. Hulk can’t mash Heavy all day and not be punished, regardless of how safe it sounds due to the armor it gives. Their is ample recovery time to attack hulk if it whiffs, and a decent opening if you block without advancing guard. You will have to learn the whole cast of characters, as sometimes it’s simply easier to exploit your opponents character rather than the player playing that character.

Well, it would be nice if we could fumigate the worthless assholes who reset their records so they can dominate beginners all day. I’m pretty sure they are single-handedly killing new possible fighting game fans with their pathetic win autism.

Me, I fall somewhere in the middle, and I’m happy there, because there’s nothing wrong with not giving two shits about winning at a video game. Marvel 1, 2 were always my favorites, and I’m as much in pursuit of a good brawl as I am a win. Sometimes I play as random teams on Ranked. My advice to you, Mr_V_Neck, and everyone who gets blown up and wants to throw this game in the garbage, is, just find a way to play it so you can have fun. If 80 hours of training feels like a waste of your life, don’t sweat it. Maybe, if you find someone in online vs, who is truly at your skill level, you can try friending them and meet them in private lobbies.

If we could scrape out every psycho who plays Wesker because he thinks that will = wins, then ragequits and resets their record, the world would be a better place.

The only thing that makes this game hard to get into is the fact that there’s a lot to consider when making a team, it isn’t just about choosing what characters you like or go top tier to win. While it’s true that there are certain characters that could potentially win matches a majority of the time (Looking at you Wesker) the game is a lot easier to get into compared to Marvel vs Capcom 2 where you had a large cast of characters but only 4 were actually considered good. Also the fact that some players who play this think they’d be able to take on tournaments and win on the very first try. The mentality of having to have a perfect win record or “rage quitting” during a match is mostly because people just don’t want to take a shot to their ego. People who do that don’t see losses as a learning experience, but as literally something to be embarassed about.

Another problem is that combo videos on youtube can, in a way, turn off some new players to the game. It’s easy in that there’s no really insane gimmicks or too overly complex combos to pull off, but it’s also hard because when making a team, there’s too much to consider, such as team synergy, what DHCs work with who, or having an overall strategy when building a team. Mission mode is also a way to find out what character works best for the player, rather than just be stubborn and use a character you can’t use at all or because you want an easy win.

Anyway, moving along, I’m curious, how do some of the players here deal with the pressure in an actual match? My problem is that I could easily go into training mode and practice combos for hours on end, however once a match with an actual opponent starts, the $h1t hits the fan and everything i’ve practiced goes out the window.

You need to realize that Marvel for the most part is kind of “who gets a confirm and works off of it”.
When some dude’s Doom has you in a corner loop, don’t freak out. Instead think which way should I be blocking and what do you think that person is gonna do on wakeup or incoming of your next character.
Just practice your combos in the lab obviously, when you’re getting combo’d think of what can happen next, and when you are in your combos just relax and concentrate on doing what you’ve done before

I have the same issues with using new characters. Getting the hit confirm is hard when your used to using someone like dante who has hella reach in his normals. Overplaying nemesis is also not gonna help me learn chris. Best thing you can do is just keep playing online over and over until you get used to throwing out mixups on a moving opponent working on that hit confirm.

"This game’s not hard, you just need to…

1 - 10 steps that totally negate other replies that start the same way OR wall of text that negates other walls of text

Once you do that it’s pretty basic!"

How is that post any help what so ever?
A two word post saying “practice more” would have been more useful than that post.
Thanks for the help, I’m sure players and the OP are gettin a lot of use out of this!

Oh and another good piece of advice when it comes to Marvel; learn your team and matchups. Execution and combos are important but team synergy and matchups play a huge role in Marvel.

Try to pick a team with easy execution and high damaging combos/DHC synergy. Wesker is a good example of this. Does lots of easy meterless damage and can kill any team by himself with level 3 x factor. Practice your combos or even use simple mode initially if you’re really bad at execution. Once you get the feel of blocking, moving, and punishing, turn the real inputs back on and work on more elaborate combos. In general, for a beginner, you should try to have a “get off me assist” and a “let me get in there assist” to cover all bases with a character capable of mixups on point.

If you love a character, no matter how complex, stick with it; you’ll improve eventually. That’s how I felt about Doom in vanilla, and then Hawkeye in UMvC3, and now Morrigan.

There’s this guy who made it to 1st Lord simply spamming gamma charge + drones. He usually dominates the lobbies he goes into as well.

This game is about finding some dumb shit to exploit and just abuse it. Everybody can be “good” at it, and that includes you TC. You just didn’t find your derp yet.

That’s right put in work, move your ass, go wizzerk
Eat your salad, no dessert
Get that herp you deserp

I wouldn’t say that. I picked it up about 3 weeks ago and it’s not easy. Every character has their own method of pressure and without knowledge on how to block and punish, you can get blown up pretty easily.

Pick 2 of your favorite characters and put wesker last till you learn the ropes

Really like this post by Cee Dizzy.
Don’t get intimidated by the game. If it were easy to win after 5 hours of training mode then it wouldn’t be worth playing.
The more time I spend training, the more respect I get for people that beat me and the more satisfying my victories become. I just picked UMvC up again after dropping MvC shortly after launch. I was too much into sf4 back then but now I wanna get back into it.

Ignore online. It means nothing. Play some friends live, and chances are you’ll be much better than them. And if you aren’t, then you have people that can help you in person. Be positive.

i’ve been playing fighting games avidly since SF1 - and yeah, Marvel’s hard. When things slow down I’m OK but when they go crazy my brain just sorta short-circuits and I get blown up, over and over and over. I’m AWFUL at it. but I’ll keep playing 'cause it’s fun, even when I lose, because it’s the sort of game where I can continuously lose in new and crazy ways.

use the following team

? - spencer - Dante

Use ? to build meter. When ? dies, wait for your opponent to jump. Once they jump, hit team hyper. If you were decently distant from the opponent and timed it right, you will have your opponent at a 50/50. If you hit your opponent, spam bionic arms until he’s dead or your out of meter.

Option 2:

Modok - magneto (b assist), strider (y assist)

hold up. Fly to top of screen, over your enemy. Use magneto assist if he’s on the ground, and the assist will give you free combo, just hit S when it connects. If your opponent is jumping after you, focus on blocking and trying to grab him, while spamming strider assist. You may not win, but you will get hatemail.

My first marvel esque game was Vanilla, and I sucked too. I played a lot and now I am pretty good. See how it works?