This game is wack

im clearly inputting raging demon and a stupid launcher comes out like wat in the fuck then these lame niggas wanna put defense gems on and get life lead and down back the rest of the way this shit wack as fuck

If you want help, go to the Akuma forum.

If you want to bitch, go somewhere else because no one gives a shit.

fuck off back to your “hype” marvel then

no u

You can’t do the SF4 shortcut for demon because one of the autocombos are assigned to LK+HP

feed him

I like the game but I think it caters a little too much to the casual fighting game fan, the gems is bad enough but the game has easy inputs, and then super easy inputs, then quick combos, then custom quick combos. That’s over kill but as for the game itself I think is fun to play. I haven’t messed with the gems too much still trying to learn the games mechanics and playing around with different characters. Haven’t been online but I can imagine the cheapness going on with the gems. Is it anything like those cards for umvc3?

Try easy input.