This game makes my blood boil


I just want to get this out the way, I’m a hatemail sender… I cant help it, I know i shouldn’t but when I lose in this game it really gets to me. I just sit their holding my pad fuming, I think about my opponent sitting their thinking they’re good because they beat me, I picture there smug face, sitting behind their screen and I wanna punch it in for real.

I dont know why this game makes me like that, when I get sniped or killed unfairly in a FPS I brush it off, racing games, fight night, football games ect when I lose I forget about it, but when I lose a game of ssf4 all of a sudden I feel the rage come over me, I find myself wishing unpleasent things on my opponent, especially when I’m not happy with their tactics. Some of the things I have said to people afte a defeat I am to ashamed to repeat. I never rage quit, but sometimes when I see my opponenet pick blanka or other cheap characters I leave the game.

The reason I am saying this is because I need help, I know it’s just a game and I know everyone will come hear and tell me that but it just destroys me when I spend hours in training, learning combos and FADC’S and everything else only to go into a match and get beat by some idiot who does nothing but mash dragon punch all day, or throw blanka balls ect ect.

Sorry for the rant but I just need to know how I can overcome this rage because I seriously think this is affecting my game, and all I wanna do is get better.


I’m assuming you’re playing online. The only thing I can think of telling you, is to realize that online play isn’t important. Offline is where you really get better, but if you can’t get an offline scene then just think of it as a learning experience. Of course, I know it’s easier said than done.


I say this a lot in other threads. I’ve gone through these situations before and I’m sure others have to here on SRK. Who do you use?

Like what Shine said, if you don’t have an offline scene then use online as a learning experience. You lose, just take it and learn why you lost. Eventually, those “cheap tactics” you use to lose to won’t be such a problem anymore. SSFIV has a new replay system, use it.

Read this.
Written by: Seth Killian
You may find it cheap but it’s because you don’t know how to beat it. Once you do, you’ll think differently about it. This article will explain everything.


yeah I play online because no one else I know plays this game, they all play tekken and other 3d fighters


I use fei long


Could be a troll, but imagine saying that stuff to peoples face. Even better, go to a meetup and see if you feel the urge then.

Really though, ignore the “its just a game” comments, and think about it this way. You have a big hole in your game if you lose to rubbish mindless players. Just because you know intermediate to advanced combos doesn’t mean you are any good. The mental aspect of the game is very important, and you need to learn to not break down against a player that throws off your gameplan because they make reckless decisions.


Like Shine said, online play means absolutely nothing, offline play is the only true test of skills. I too get mad online sometimes because lag/delay and noob strategies can get annoying (although with experience you learn to easily overcome scrub tactics, so losing to people who don’t deserve to win isn’t really an issue for me now), but offline I NEVER get mad, it’s something about the whole mentality of 1 on 1 online play, and I couldn’t say what exactly it is. It might have something to do with a record being kept, regardless of how unimportant that record is, because I’m very competitive.

But one of the main things keeping you from beating scrubs who turtle or play flowchart shotos is almost definitely your thought processes during games. You might start off well on a given day, but when you run into a scrub you just immediately think “fucking really? again?”, that’s what’s fucking you over. You have to forget about it and just play your game. Think, don’t just do random shit. Against flowchart shotos, work your way in, bait out a DP, and punish, over and over again. Typical flowcharts will simply continue to throw out reversal DPs when you get in close, keep blocking and punishing. Free win.

Against turtles, all you have to do is get a life lead then turtle yourself. Just use a special move to get chip damage then back off and make them come to you.


I use fei long


Read my edited post. xD


I agree with pherai.

I remember when I would train my ass off, complete trials, and believe I was ready to challenge guys more skilled than me. Guess what? They often kicked my ass, regardless of how much I picked up on. This game is very frustrating, tho, but it can be minimized by playing with a clear mind. You already seem a bit aggravated (Ex:Leaving the game because the guy picks Blanka) before matches even begin.

You just need to sit-back and realize that you’re gonna win some good matches, and you’re gonna lose some horrible ones. It’s the norm with fighting games on/offline. Do you play in Ranked or Endless?


thanks for the advice every one, what I don’t understand is why it’s only street fighter that gets me like this, I play many other online games and when I lose in some of the other games, sure I get unhappy, but never to the point of actually messaging the player and hurling obsceneties their way. I just start to boil over and sending hatemail is the only thing I think that stops me smashing my controller or worse throwing my PS3 against a wall. Only street fighter… guess it’s just one of those weird things


I play ranked, I realise this might be part of my problem


everyone goes through this. i use to think i was good cuz i could pull off combos all day but would lose to e honda and blanka players who butt stomp and blanka ball the whole match. when i realized i was gettin beat by a bunch of garbage i learned how to play more defensive and overall smarter. you can poke people out of a lot of stupid crap they do (all characters have at least one good poke to stuff the trash) or just block and punish, it works pretty good online. so far its brought me from hangin around 1500 pp to playin at 2500 pp. which aint much but i feel its my attitude towards the game that got me there not my skill.

i think what gets people so heated is the way people get ranked. while doing fight req. in arcade mode i got the same guy 8 games in a row. we had the same pp when we started. i beat him 6-2. but we went 3-1 then 3-1 again so he got a LOT of pp from beating me just those 2 times. that sucks. in any situation if you win 5 or 6 games in a row you can lose all that progress in 2 bad played games its rough.

the only thing that really grinds my gears is when i sit searching for MORE SKILLED ranked players and it gives me a list of people with my same pp. and occasionally i get someone with twice my PP. its not that bad, but i expected more of the more skilled players to pop up not a bunch of people that have 10 more or less PP than i do. i figure if i constantly play people higher than me whenever i lose ill lose only 20/30 pp and whenever i win ill get near 100. but this is why i play endless more now.


I’m not sure why you get so angry, but when it comes to online this has to be one of the worst implementations for a game I have ever played. Takes forever to actually get a game, horrible point system that puts your progression in a stalemate, game breaking latency/lag

This was not meant to be an online game, although I am glad that it has online play so I can get some practice in, its too broken for anyone to take seriously