This game obviously has a solid fanbase so


does anyone want to help me get a gamebattles ladder started? if you make a thread and request it and get enough people to vote for it then they will make it, i know it works because ive done it already with 3 other games.


Question: What is Gamebattles?




gamebattless is a free version of mlg, theres ladders and tournaments for various games


gamebattles had a ladder for it, but they dropped i. GB is bunch of shooter/360 fanboys that refuse to cater to the other genre/consoles. that are also bought to drop the sf 4 ladders as well.

if u want a ladder, join


i played on the gamebattles ladder but it got removed because nobody played on it. not a big deal though, a game can do fine without it being on GB.

I don’t understand astral heats ladder, if they set it up the same way as GB I’d be more interested.