This Gen sucks

So I was talking to my friend six o clock in the morning, til his conversation got boring. Turned on the TV, saw nothing but 13 year old girls look up to a kid who thinks he knows about love, little do they know he is a hermaphrodite emo. So I jumped in my car in went to the mall, im so out of touch with all these kids, cant tell which ones are boys or girls, maybe their all hermaphrodites. People cant say excuse me, or thank you anymore.

So everyone thinks im strange? Maybe you should look in the mirror and ask your self what sex are you. Cant turn on the radio with out hearing about some gay guy singing about working out. Maybe I should watch TV again; oh great more sluts that get banged my dudes who only beat them on the news. So Ill just play video games since everything else is pointless…

At 6AM??

I don’t think you’re strange, just over-opinionated.

Gen X… Why?

“so Ill just play video games since everything else is pointless…”


Am I the only one who thought this was a SF thread?

This is the exact lyrics to that one song I heard today while driving my sister’s car. Except it was 5 in the morning and the singers were opposite sex.

EDIT: here it is: [media=youtube]C7Zo_1HSr8A[/media]

So to answer Lazyjosh, he should of just jumped in your bed

My joke was too refined?

Gen X… Why?

X chromosome, follow by… ?
i.e. why you wanna know if I dangle or douche?

Your generation probably sucked just as bad, you’re just looking at it through rose tinted glasses.

I miss the 90s Gen truly the best besides the WWII Gen they’re the best.

He’s been around for awhile. His name is Richard Simmons.

I used to think the same, then Xian’s Gen kicked my ass… oh wait, wrong Gen.

Fuckin’ kids these days, with their androgenous looks and their hula-hoops and their Rolling Stones albums.

I blame Final Fantasy.

Thought the same about Gen.

This generation complains about the newer generation crappier than the older generations did.

And parry still sucks.


I thought this thread was going to be about someone playing the Street Fighter character. Then I saw it was in general discussion and figured it’d be about video game consoles…

So yeah, I didn’t realize he meant generation for about 5 posts… I was like what the hell does this have to do with Gen!?

What the fuck did I just read?!

edit: oh, you wont like my avatar, sorry. Just realized that >_>

The best part of androgenous people my age? I don’t know **what **I’m hitting on! Are you a boy? A girl? Something inbetween? Who knows?!? We’ll find out together!