This goes out to KENNYWOOD

sup batches.

KENNYWOOD, aka god, aka RFC tourny organizer, aka fatty, is leaving socal to go to the mean streets of iowa.

so, i wanted to say peace the fukk out to ur ugly ass and i’ll/we’ll see you at mwc.

don’t quit cvs2.

Take care Kenny. Thanks for organizing the SF scene here in OC.

ditto. good shit kenny it was fun having you around the SF scene. i’ll continue your K-hibiki legacy :wink:

Take care and good luck to ya in the future.

take care kenny, and i know you still wanna play cvs2 even though your mad at what happened…its ok…just tear it up in iowa. Now i have no one to play cvs2 no more with…:frowning:

haha well take care…

this is japan3gro. good luck in whatever you do kenny

peace out kenny, and quit watchin them fat chick porns

yo kenny, this is pozzle. You’re really gonna be missed and thanks for being a dope friend and always being a homie. Hopefully you will visit sometime, or we’ll go out and visit you. Take care have a safe trip and continue beasting my friend.
Party Bizzle and pizzle will try to hit up midwest to visit the one and only renny.


Make sure you tuck that dick in well when passing through the metal detectors on the air plane. Make sure u put ur flag down when u land in kennyworld.

Dang Kenny seemed like the player that would always be around. Well take care man, it was good meeting and knowing you. U da homie. Payce.

Kennywizzle, u will be missed my nakka. GL in Iowa. SoCal loves ya.

~The Rillest~

goddamn kenny you are dope, dont go to iowa


i’m dropping K-hibiki for K-sagat cuz hibiki sucks… yeah!

peace out kenny, keep playing cvs2, cuz next you play me, i’ll OCV you.

<3 kennywood <3

so no more rfc tournies?:frowning:

Man, I remember way back in the day when I first got into this community that you were the first dude I started talking to because you were just that cool of a guy that you’ll talk to anyone, no matter if you knew them or not. What’s So Cal without Kenny? You’re gonna be missed homie. Good luck in everything you do and thanks for everything you’ve done for us here…and KEEP watching them fat chick porns. LOL. Keep in touch with Southtown. Peace.

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Iowa? WTF is in Iowa? Why are you leaving the land of asian women for Iowa, kenny? Anyway, que te vaya bien, fool. Have a good trip, don’t get into trouble, especially for no crazy ass woman. peace out.

damn sucks your leaving…but your still wc nomatter where you go so peace out and take care

Damn Kenny, you will be Missed…

thanks a lot Kenny

OMG:eek: , u have the best AV ever kai