This HUD... is the worst ever

Seriously. Everyone complained about this HUD back at EVO and they’ve done shit about it.

Let’s list the problems, shall we?

  1. I can’t fucking tell how much life assists have/ if they’re even alive. The colors get so muted, that you don’t even notice when they’re gone. I’ve KO’d someone and been like “really? that was your last character?” That’s a problem.

  2. Assist Calls being backwards.
    I use the old Marvel configuration.
    L H 1
    M S 2

So you’d think let MvC3 the top non point character would be 1 and bottom 2. But no, the top character is assist 2 and the bottom character is assist 1. So… Stupid.

I’ve called the wrong assist and snapped in the wrong character so many times already, it’s terribad.

I’VE LITERALLY FLIPPED MY ASSIST BUTTONS TO STOP FROM DOING THIS. You only need to accidentally call phoenix once in order to go to that button config. Hasnt been a problem since, but C’MON CAPCOM!

  1. The Meter colors. The meter going from slightly green to slightly greenish blue isn’t the greatest idea, it makes it harder to tell how much exact meter you have. I really feel for colorblind people, I really do.

  2. The new lifebars seem to be less accurate for some reason. Like it seems there’s less pixels to represent the same amount of life.

Hopefully they can fix these (maybe make a DLC HUD?) sometime before someone loses a major tourney match b/c of it.

Just Imagine, someone was paid to do that.

I doubt they’d do DLC just for a HUD problem, maybe you can switch the orignal HUD back or customize the HUD so the health is more visible?

I agree, this is easily the most unintuitive hud i’ve ever seen in a fighting game ever. Please fix this shit capcom.

I really dont mind it. its pretty bad But its unique. Just will take some time to get used to :slight_smile:

I hate to troll but “Haters gonna hate”

the HUD is one of the reasons im not getting this game. its awful

The HUD is indeed a simmering pot of rancid assholes. It was just fine in vanilla, shitty during the early ultimate build, and revamped to be slightly less shit. Ugh.

Ha ha…all you people who got the game early can struggle with your crappy HUD, while we who have to wait can enjoy our superior Vanilla HUD! Ha ha…ha ha ha…ha…


Goes to cry in a corner until Tuesday

I was just thinking about this, TONS of people complained about this like 5 months ago, and they said they were going to change it and they never did.

Im tight.

I dunno… I think its a tie.

I’ve taken UI design classes at my college, and I can say with 100% confidence I would fail if I turned in a HUD like this for an assignment. So the fact a professionals made this, turned it in, and got the okay from the higher ups is mind boggling.

I remember playing the game at NYCC and having trouble calling the right assist because the order was so borked. Who decided to put the last assist ON TOP of the both the point character and the first assist? Seriously, this is ass.

I mean, I get that they did it to make it more “Vita friendly”, but even keeping that in mind, it’s a terrible HUD.

I agree. I really hope they somehow patch this, the hud is just ugly + horribly structured + just bad lol. Oh and the meter colors are just BS lol, I agree with the guys in the Marvel madness video saying that it’s very annoying to see the bar increase at certain points and colors. (This basing of videos though) like nothings good lol.

Agree 120%

I don’t even know how they came up with this HUD, assist 1 at the bottom, assist 2 on top and the point character in middle? And whats up with the meter bars? Its so difficult to see how much meter you have especially between 3 and 4 bars. Honestly its upsetting because people complained about it, and they claimed they would do something about it(thats the most upsetting part).

Oh well, hopefully it’ll just take some getting used to, the assist positioning should take some time but Im not sure if ill ever get used to the horrid meter coloring.

It’s got plenty of problems… But I do kinda like it, somehow. The problems about meter colors and assist position should at least be looked at though.

I don’t like it and hope they do offer something (like a update to the hud, no way they should charge us for something that people didn’t like in the first place and if they do then thats fudged up). but until then (if it does every happen) i’ll just adapt and enjoy the game.

Edit: If you do so happen to read this Capcom please put button configuration on the character select screen. Thanks!

the meter thing isn’t so bad due to the giant number

however , why assist 2 is at the top your point is in the middle. Is beyond stupid

I don’t know what they was thinking

The solution here is simple…Keep the MVC3 HUD or tinker it “slightly”. Now we’ve got gigantic OLDE ENGLISH letter proclaiming our hyper bar level, and american far-sightendness distinguishing our health bars.

My pseudo-remedy was just lowering te hyper bars down as far as possible. The rest I’ll try and live with. Thanks capcom :thumbs-up: !

meeh its fine

It’s funny how they changed the hud so people can clearly see if they have X-factor, but during that process they ruined the visibility of your assists health, placement and hyper meter

I thought it wasn’t an issue, then I played it at Evo.
Complained about it to the Capcom guys (like everyone else), Capcom said they will change it up a bit.

Final release, nothing changed.

Even if you get used to it, does not change the fact that the hub is ASS.