This HUD... is the worst ever

Doesn’t really bother me all that much. It might take some weeks to get used to though.

It’s fucking hideous and appalling. We all know Capcom doesn’t really doesn’t care about fan input but if they redesign the HUD via DLC or AT LEAST give us the option to switch back to the Vanilla HUD, it’d be a step in the right direction.

Honestly the HUD is so irretrievably ugly and unintuitive that it’s distracting.

Should of just put a ‘Classic’ and ‘Normal’ option in the menu so we can switch between, like with the music and sound effects.

Bring back the old HUD but keep the more explicit X-factor indicator.

It’s not rocket science Capcom. C’mon.

Yeah, this was one of the reasons I cancelled my preorder. Everyone complained about the colors, the way the team is ordered, Phoenix flames making it hard to tell which one is yours, and the red tint from the XF and I see none of this addressed along with black on black still being hard to spot.

I feel bad for Keits and other colorblind folks :[

Im sure they will fix the HUD for Super Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hyper Edition HD Remix

Only problem I have is the assist issue - will take a little getting used to. Other than that I’m good.

I hope they change at least the meter bars, I’d like to see how close I am to the next bar. Since I’m colorblind, it’s even worse lol

For the assist thing… you can set your assist 1 button to assist 2 and vice versa.

How is this more ‘Vita friendly’? Wouldn’t it still look like ass just on a smaller screen?

hoping that you will be able to switch between normal and the new hud for day 1 dlc.

The old HUD will NOT be availible at any point. S Kill said that memory issues prevented using the old HUD.


if you say a hud like this is “okay” or “meh its fine” you are part of the problem

The idea, from what I can tell, was to compress the information in the health bars so that would still be visible and have more pop on the Vita’s smaller screen. Vanilla’s bar, by comparison, would probably have taken up too much space. Good idea, but like you said, most of the problems with the HUD still exist even on Vita.

Not for nothing, if you can’t tell when your opponent uses X Factor, then you really shouldn’t be playing this game. I would take more accurate health bars over a gigantic X Factor any day of the week.


I’m guessing that you’re talking about UMVC3. If so I agree with you 100%. The life bars and the hyper meter look downright horrible. Just the fact that you cant even tell how much life your other characters have is annoying.

Shitty HUD
Shitty character select screen
Shitty graphics

Not getting this game

So gameplay doesn’t take a part in your decision?

the new HUD is a prime example of form before function. its pretty, looks cool, and COMPLETELY DOESN’T PROVIDE ITS PURPOSE AT ALL. the xfactor icon is good, but the rest is just pants-on-head-hat-on-ass-stupid.
the lifebars are too dim, character order is the dumbest idea ever. i can’t even understand at what point during the games development did they decide this was a good idea.