This HUD... is the worst ever

I was very surprised when looking at the HUD in new gameplay videos. It LOOKS nice, but as already mentioned, i can barely tell if a member on the team is alive or dead, and it’s more than a quick glance to see how far your bar is filled. Not sure why implementing easily distinguishable colours and life bars seems so difficult for Capcom.

I will never understand why A1 is on the bottom and A2 is on the top. My mind has been full of fuck since the game was revealed.

So I guess it’s time to go over to Unity to suggest (angrily demand, they deserve it frankly for the stupid assist order bs) that they should change the HUD.The changes necessary aren’t even a big deal. That’s the messed up thing.

I like what they were going for with this new HUD. I just think that it was implemented poorly.

Is there any defense for assist 2 being on the top and assist 1 on the bottom? In what world does this make sense?

I’m pretty sure they did one thing to fix the HUD, which was to make it so that the gigantic X-factor icons don’t cover up that assist characters’ lifebars.

I understand the desire to compress information. I however don’t understand the desire to present said information in the wrong order or in such a way as to render it functionally useless.


They’re trying to ween us off from using HUDs by slowly making them so shitty and backwards that by the time Marvel 4 comes out they won’t even need to bother designing a HUD.

What are you talking about I have this experience in Vanilla all the time.

Well, y’see, the point character should obviously be in the middle. That’s why he’s the “point” character. Next, it only makes common sense that the characters should rotate after the point character similar to a line or clockwise. Given the facts, assist 1 should come after the point character (under) and assist 2 should come after assist 1 (over).


Didn’t memory issues prevent Spectator Mode in Vanilla? Come on.

If they rotated clockwise then the top bar would be point after the first rotation. So no Assist 1 still belongs on top.

Knew I forgot something. It just didnt feel very interesting to me and since ultimate is pretty much the same game with a few more characters I dont think its worth it.

I think it’s worth getting just for H&H mode. Being able to customize special abilities and properties sounds really cool*. I also really like the global team vs team thing.

*Not to be confused with SFxT where it’s just boring stat increases.

This isn’t any different than hardcore MvC heads having to adjust from the old controls to the new ones coming from MvC2 to MvC3. It’s a seemingly-arbitrary change that requires some adjustment. It’s not an insurmountable problem.

Aesthetics: I prefer the cleaner HUD and the “Dos Equis Factor” (I don’t know if Hagure Metaru coined that, but he’s where I heard it from, and for me it makes the whole redesign worth it). I thought it was harder to see life levels at first, but not eventually. Having original MvC3 running right next to UMvC3 for a while, usually running the same stage and characters (where possible), the old rote, repeated lifebars and X-Factor jewels and the nutso, frantic pulsing of the hyper meters grew annoying compared to the new clean lines and styling.

The order: I don’t get it either, but you will get used to it. What made the whole thing click for me was to imagine the top slot has a giant label on it that says ANCHOR. Seriously. Think of the top slot as ANCHOR (add exclamation points in your head if you like) and the whole scheme falls into place.

In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal.

The HuD is butt cheeks.

I thought they said they would change it/adjust it a while back.

Seth said they heard the complaints and they’d do something, but looks like nothing counts as something.

Just blow up his and Niitsuma’s twitter and Capcom Unity

HUD is indeed unintuitive and ugly, but it really isn’t a deal-breaker. Just a mild annoyance really.

Yeah its pretty bad but not much we can do. like someone said i do remember saying capcom saying back then that this wasnt the final UI but they lied. basically we got 2 choices.

  1. deal with it
  2. bitch and moan until capcom changes it

i pick number 2.

Yea…there goes my attempt to make sense of it.