This is a new stick should i buy it?

Well there is this arcade stick i saw i was wondering if anybody came across it,

Me know people

Thanks for all your help :bgrin:

Never seen/heard of it. Try it out for us! Hehe

That’s the same stick as the Joytron one that Laugh is selling. It looks like the only difference is the artwork on top.

Yes you should, its way better then the TE or HRAP.

No, No sir that’s not even funny.

‘‘Laugh charges more for the stick cough cough, But laughs is a more reliable source cough cough’’

Not true if u converter UK money to usd u looking at 70 dollars usd.

can this piece of junk be easily modded to take sanwa parts for my vewlix project?

hey if it works without buttons suddenly not working and the controller disconnecting it’s self from time to time, it’s already a better deal than an SE or TE imo.