This is a Sony house no more!

Hey guys. Had an interesting moment with Sony customer support today, and was fired up enough to write an entry in my blog about it.

Thought some of you might be amused by the nerd rage, so here’s a link.…laystation.html

Plus I’m a bit annoyed at Sony so if this makes other people think, then I’m all for that too.

Apologies to the admins if linking to other sites is not cool. if that’s not cool then here’s a copy and paste job.

Don’t Use The Playstation Network If You Enjoy Getting What You Paid For!

I love my PS3. It’s given me literally hundreds of hours of entertainment. Most of that has been on Street Fighter 4 and watching blu-rays, but I still think it’s a great console.

So when the network went down for ages, I was more annoyed at the hackers for making it happen. I stayed loyal to SONY.

Until today.

Because 3 weeks ago I tried to hire a video from the Playstation Network. The email saying that I’d been billed $14 for 2 videos arrived instantly. But I couldn’t download the content. It wasn’t available. I got an error code.

This is the problem. I’m using the PSN (Playstation network) because I’m LAZY. I don’t WANT to get in the car and go down to the video store. I want to sit on my butt and download my movie from home. Even though hiring a blu-ray will be better quality for the same price plus a 4min drive.

But the wife and I wanted to watch a movie that night. So I she went down to the video store (told you I’m lazy, plus I had to watch the kids). She hired the same movie I had tried to hire. We watched the movie. We enjoyed the movie.

I fired off an email to sony about the error code problem. An email came back telling me to wait a couple of days and then try again. This I did. Watched one of the films, didn’t watch the other because I’d seen it already.

Emailed Sony yesterday to ask for a refund. They told me to call so I did.

In the phone call, they told me too bad.

They told me that I could access the content at any time, so I had gotten what I had paid for.

They told me that if I’d written them an email, they could’ve help me but as it was, they weren’t sure if I wasn’t ‘making it up’.

When I said “I did email and I followed your directions” they said “sorry, that must’ve been Sony US, we’re Sony Australia, we do things completely different here. Plus we have no record of this email so… you know…” which I assume is corporatese for “You might be lying to us”.

When I said “Do you think I’m calling you for fun? For seven lousy dollars? Surely you knew that the network was having problems, a quick google shows hundreds of people had the same problem!” They said they’d had no calls about it and had no records of any problems with the network.

What the??? I call BS on that. How could they not know? I think the guy was just being unhelpful. He decided that I was not worthy of a refund, so a refund I would not receive.

When I told them that I still couldn’t actually download the title, as I now couldn’t find where to download it again, I was told that I only had 14 days to watch a video and since it’d be more than 14 days, that was my problem not theirs. Even though when you hire the video it says you have 30 days.

And that was it. Wouldn’t budge. I wasted 15mins of my life asking to be refunded for something that they couldn’t supply when I wanted it and couldn’t find later even though I should STILL have a week to access it. (Oh, and a quick google tells me that yes, I’m supposed to have 30days in which to watch the movie).

I was loyal. But not anymore.

What if next time it’s a $60 game? Will they still say “too bad, your problem”? I can’t take that chance. Money’s too hard to come by to just throw it away.

I’m not angry (ok I am a bit) and I hope I don’t sound like an over-entitled gamer having a whinge. By my perspective, they failed to uphold their side of the bargain due to technical problems, and then told me to go spit when I asked for my measley $7 back. I didn’t want my $14 back, I watched the other film so I was happy to pay for it.

The only thing I use my PS3 for is Street Fighter and Blu-rays, and Street Fighter is a lot better on PC. The net-code on the PS3 is laggy and matches are frequently unplayable. So I might sell my PS3. For what I get for it and my arcade stick, I’ll be able to afford a good Blu-ray player and still have some money left over. I’ll get my $7 back and more, and there’ll be no chance of this happening again.

I can put up with the outages. That wasn’t their fault. But they can’t just take my money and then tell me it’s my fault. That’s not fair.I’m just a guy who wanted to watch a film on the same day I paid for it.

So that’s the last straw. No more sony going down in this household. I know this may seem petty so some, but I work from home, so I have all day to think about these things. And by golly gee, I’m not taking this sitting down… I’m gonna write a post on my blog and then list my PS3 on ebay.

So I guess I am taking it sitting down. But at least I feel good that I’m doing something, and not just taking it and continuing to sup at the sony teat. This teat is not for me or my family anymore. Cos I make the decisions about tech in this house. And if this is how Sony treats its’ customers, then this is a Sony house no more.

sony australia sucks, I’ve bent sony over on many an occasion over way pettier shit.

I started to read that bullshit but its just too long. Anyway, who gives fuck.

p.s. Why does he say “hire” when talking about renting a video?

I was asking myself the same thing, I don’t think he’s in USA

Brits and aussies say shit weird, using often a word we know in the wrong context. Annoying, sometimes.

I feel ya dude. I know it’s only a few bucks, but that’s still BS on their part. I say fuck 'em and don’t buy anymore from them. If this happened to me, I’d raise a storm about it until I got my money back or whatever I paid for.


This thread is actually really funny since I’m imagining all the dialogue in austrailian accents (which is how it actually went down!)

Maate it was fahked I tell ya!

That’s what you get for buying stuff.

Please provide examples of our annoyances.

“Hire” and “rent” are interchangeable terms, and both are used to describe the practice of paying a fee for temporary possession of an object. In Australia, we use both terms freely.


Still sounds strange to me. To me renting is something that has a time limit on. Hire is something that is done with whenever the job is finished.

Ex: I rent a movie or book from the library. Eventually there’s a due date that I have to return that book or movie.
I hire a yard worker. They don’t leave until they finish doing what they are paid to do in my yard. Dude better not cut my grass half way through and just up and leave because his hour is up.

And hired is usually connected to people. Like I hired a caterer. Rent is usually referred to a an inanimate object.

So if that’s the case, then do you hire or rent hookers?

Hiring has a time limit. You “hire” a car for a day. You “hire” a DVD overnight. I hire a new staff member for the Christmas season. I hire a new employee on a permanent basis.

I rent an apartment. I rent my house. On the other hand, I rent my TV and choose to take ownership of it at the end of the rental period. Weird in a few situations, sure.

We “rent” or “hire” from a video store interchangeably.

It’s weird as far as libraries go. We “borrow” from the library, not hire nor rent, since we don’t pay for library services.

No, “rent” is most usually connected to the use of a dwelling. “Hire” is connected to people and objects. Following the typical dictionary definitions, American English managed to take the term “rent” and appropriate it with one of the standard definitions of “hire”.

As I understand it.


You don’t hire hookers, but I do think you “hire” escorts…I just fuck them, is all I know.

Neither. You “buy” hookers.

Wasted - You talk funny yo. Speak American you foreign devil!

lolololol so when PS3 didn’t work, your solution was to RENT a movie?

  1. netflix
  2. stream
  3. torrent

Lol, I knew I was gonna start something funny. That’s kinda why I said that. I wanted to start a convo on dialect.

In Australia we don’t have as fast an internet connection as you guys. So all of these options wouldn’t work as I wanted to watch the movie NOW. We only have limited time to ourselves, with 2 young kids in the house, if we put in a movie after 10, we’re not in bed until 12, and that means that the 4am wakeup is just brutal.

The baby still doesn’t sleep through. She’s up at least once a night. That’s a good night. I’ve been living on broken sleep for a long time now. I guess that’s another reason why I got so mad when they stiffed me out of my $7.

record that shit and upload it to youtube. make sure you show the error several times so they can’t make up some stupid shit.

i lease them out.