This Is All For Killing!: The M.O.D.O.K Combo Thread



I use Dorm w/ Dark Hole assist instead of Sent sometimes, but the huge weakness is that the team doesn’t have an awesome assist to get Hulk (or even MODOK) in. Dark Hole is decent up close, and Hulk retains his 950,000 combo in the corner if MODOK dies. In fact, I never thought about it, but MODOK could have psionic blaster as his assist since Dorm’s dark hole fills the job.

Any of the characters with a godlike assist could fit the team though. I wouldn’t recommend Haggar lariat or Tron fire though, because 2/3 of your team will have trouble against zoners. Doom could definitely fit. Iron Man and Magneto beam assists could fit well too. Basically any character with a good projectile assist.


I found a “glitch” awhile back that really helps MODOK’s pressure game. If you cancel out the recovering frames of any IAD normal into flight mode, that move cannot be advanced guarded. MODOK will land right in front of them, and they will be at severe frame disadvantage if they try. You’re basically Unflying automatically by activating flight mode so low to the the ground that it wont startup. Not sure why this works conceptually but whatever …i’ll take anything I can get haha.


619,900 DMG, midscreen, 3 cubes
j.:s:, :qcb::l:, :f::h: xx :qcb::h: (Dash) :s:, j.:m::h::s: (Land and dash) c.:m: xx :qcb::l: xx :qcb::atk::atk:

500,000 DMG, midscreen, 3 cubes
:m:, :f::h: xx :qcb::h: (Dash, jump and ADF) j.:s:, :qcb::l:, :s:, j.:m::h::s: (Land and dash) c.:m: xx :qcb::l: xx :qcb::atk::atk:

674,300 DMG, corner, 4 cubes
c.:h:, :f::h: xx :qcb::l:, c.:h: (jc and ADF) j.:m: (Land and re-jump) j.:m::h: xx Air :qcb::l:, j.:m::s:, :qcb::l:, :s:, j.:h::s: (Land) c.:m: xx :qcb::l: xx :qcb::atk::atk:

714,100 DMG, corner
(Place :dp::l: bomb) c.:h:, :f::h: xx :dp::l:, :qcb::l:, c.:h: (jc) j.:h::s:, :qcb::l:, :s:, j.:h::s: (Land) c.:m: xx :qcb::l: xx :qcb::atk::atk:


Even if it does +800k? :stuck_out_tongue:


You can get the same damage with 3 cubes at the least.


Oops, forgot the last cube right before HBR. One more cube isn’t too bad, but you’re right.


What is the notation for instant air dashing? What I do is jump -> Hold forward -> and press two buttons. Is this the correct way of doing instant air dashing?


You dont need to hold forward, pressing the 2 buttons in air does the airdash forward automatically. you only need to press a direction when going in the other directions.


I love these combos. For the first one though, how are you dashing up to get the S launcher? I’ve tried wave dashing twice but I can’t get it.


does anyone know anything better than:
2A,2B,2C,[ j.B,C,214A]x3, j.B,D,/, 214A, 6C,214A, j.C,214A or B, 236XX
if you’re slightly outside the corner, you can do this:
2A,2B,2C, iad.j.B,/, j.B,j.C, …
for the cube loop?


So I’ve been trying this out in the lab and I get pushblocked everytime. I tried IAD forward m and l. Does this not work on the AI? maybe a little more explanation on how you set it up


I have a 5 Cube (4 cause of JB) Jamming Bomb Combo in the corner with Doom missiles that is so easy and practical to do. Plus it leads to a free mix up since their controls will still be reversed when the combo ends.

I’m gonna experiment some more to see if I can get more cubes and jamming bomb as well, I might be able to get 7 (6) w Jamming Bomb


What does / mean?

And for the loop are you doing j.B then landing and doing C? or j.B to j.C?




/ means “land”, or “touch the ground” basically…

Old XvSF terminology. :stuck_out_tongue:


Combo masters of MODOK, i need your help. Im working on a midscreen combo with hagger atm but im stuck. It looks like this right now.

Using numpad + LMHS notation

L, M, 2H, 6H, dash, IAD, j.S, l cube, HAGGER, l cube, dash, l cube, S, j.Mx2, S

The problem is, the last S doesnt connect cause hitstun isnt long enough, anyway to get around this?


You have a few options:

Instead of M-M-S, try H-S?
Do the combo faster, or cut out a part (histun decay is based on time)

I like to get my launchers out of the way at a beginning of a combo, while I have some hitstun to play with, and save my wallbounces/groundbounces/etc for the end of the combo.


Oh ok, didnt realise high stun decay was based on time, always thought it was like BB and GG where it depended on the moves used o__o. Thanks for the info, will definatly help for future combos.


Not sure if anybody else has discovered this, but you can solo combo Jamming Bomb in the corner. Worth it? Not totally sure.

C.H /\ Airdash Forward, M / C.H /\ M -> H XX L-Cube, S, H, F+H XX Jamming Bomb. Pretty sure you can dash under and L (or stay on the same side and L) for the reset.


I think it’s discussed in Levels of understanding thread that it’s worth it because most won’t instantly adapt to the controls. To me the only way that would be deemed crap is if in high level people manage to to adapt to it.