This is blowing my mind




Interesting, and a good idea, but not too surprising to imagine this working out. Afterall, it’s really just playing within the Bb scale…


Very awesome. This is a great example of aleatoric music. Good find.


Pretty cool


I thought it was pretty cool until I started the one with the trumpet then it became awesome! :tup:


Thank you so much for this Zulu. It provided me a weird fuzzy feeling how it all gets connected no matter the combination.


The extra w in the url is blowing my mind.


Wow, thanks for that. I’m amazed too now. I bookmarked it.



Dope shit, mines was like a mix between blade runner and seeing the sun through window slats on the floor.


This was amazing…really cool stuff; thanks for posting this. One thing I noticed was once you layer it up a bit it doesn’t matter how or when you restart each sample, you don’t even notice the lapse as the loop restarts.


feels like I’m mogwai


yeah pretty much.


True but I’ve always found it amazing how music is all connected in strange ways. Great find.


i hate it…i closed the page and it’s still going. It won’t stop!


okay fine I’ll be explosions in the sky then


Lol…I didn’t even notice that.


holy shit


omg works too… what a world, what a world


This defines the Law of Internets…WHAT IS THIS DEVIL MAGIC


How is this possible!?! They would had to have all sorts of wacky entries on every single DNS server in the world…holy shit, I am honestly freaking out over here right now, forget the actual site content.


Whoa…that is kinda weird. It probably has something to do with the way they set up that particular DNS when they built that site. I’ve heard of DNS servers that will actually give you the “server not found” message when you actually include the “www” in the URL; just depends on what options are used for accessing the server.