This is Chris_Hu. Annoncemnt and Response for the donation for me!Please read!


This is Chris_Hu. My family and I actually was in a huge fire accident and lost all the property, and then sf4 community know this accident and begin to help me as donation to me.

I would like to thank Mr.inkblot put up the special event (donation to Chris Hu) and pimp $1000 to me!
I would like to thank Mr.Wizard who is very busy but still try to help me out and gather ppl to help me!
I would like to thank Mr.Trag who gather ppl on irc and friends try to help me out!
I would like to thank all my NY friends who really care about me, Javits, Art ,Jwong, Andy, Ron, Nerdjosh,MIN, SPOOKY,SEB, Stephepnie, Ben fong, and others who know me in NYC!

I would like to thank srk members who really care about me and help me out no matter how many donation u guys give me. I really appreicate that!

Sorry for my poor english.
I promise I will do my best to improve my commentary in future and make u guys happy in ssf4 matches! I will step my game shit up to know more about ssf4 knowledge for my commentary and do good show for u guys who actually love to watch me play.

Once again! I really appreicate that! Thank u guyS. I LOVE U!


Just glad to know you and your family are ok Mr. Hu.


10 dollars is so less yo

everybody should donate more than that :lovin:


We know you’ll probably be busy tryin to get your shit together when SSF4 comes out, but can’t wait to see what you got comin up.

Be safe Chris.


I second that. Nothing can keep the Hu’s down, they’re too pro.


me and my family went thru a very similar ordeal in January. So, I had to help out in some way.

Oh and if yall didnt know already, Chris Hu is GDLK!!


Hang in there, buddy :slight_smile:


Best of luck Chris.


No problem, Chris. Keep up the good work.


Good to hear all is well Chris.



Best of luck man, its good to hear so many are willing to help out.


Best of luck to your family. Love your commentary.





I hope everything is going well for you chris and please tell us your family has learned from this situation and will use a bank or fireproof safe or something.


Good luck and hope your family gets back on their feet quickly


Please be safe Chris. When i go back up to NY I hope we can get some matches in. I will donate friday.


Good shit Chris…hope you,your family, and all the victims affected by this recover.
Thoughts and prayers.


Great to hear from you, Chris. Hope things are easier for you now.


Best of luck to your family, hombre, and good to know you all are alive and well.


All the best to you, man. Good luck and best wishes to you, your family, and the other families affected.

SRK is GDLK for telling the fire; You no scare, I no scare.