This is for the FGC... Love ya'll


What’s up people, this is for my Fighting Game Community


Thanks for Watching Q(’-'Q)


No one in GD gives a fuck…go away.


That’s polite. New to the forum, but as a premium supporter… I’m glad you were able to give me such a warm welcome. Thanks!


What’s UMVC3? o_O



OP: I thought you played beautifully. Ty for sharing :slight_smile:


that fucking sucked, thanks for nothing faggot


In slightly kinder words than Geese, you missed the correct forum with the post. I’m sure that the UMvC3 forums would appreciate the video more.


I only take cash, thanks.


Yeah like they said wrong forum, still that shit was pretty dope.


That was actually pretty good, but wrong forum.


I like how no one tipped you for the performance.


Dude how the fuck are you standing on the WALL?!?!



if you’re looking for the FGC you won’t find it here


Wrong section.