This is gonna be one hell of a party! Devil May Cry HD Duology releasing April 3rd 2012, for $39.99!

Don’t hate, you’ll get it if you want it.
Images and comparisons-

Can anybody check if inserting money/credit cards/debit cards/etc. in my DVD drive will have the game magically pop out?

All sillyness aside, OMG I’M SO HAPPY!!!

looks at DMC1 & DMC3 SE for the PS2


I’m only missing DMC2. I’m pondering buying it. I didn’t hate the game but it’s very meh to me. I already have DMC1 and DMC3 SE for PS2. So there’s no need for me to get this at all. And I can’t find DMC4 anyway IRL. Who snatched up all the copies…

Shout outs to Ninja Theory.

i’ll send you my copy if you want, dmc4 is garbage :bleh:

I like the way that Tizoc ignored that DMC2 is in the set, or even exists.

lol I did it since it’s known by now that the ‘elleged’ 2nd game is the weakest of the DMC games so far (altho having Dante’s best look/design).

I only have DMC1…so I might get it.

For free? Damn, you didn’t like it that much? Also PS3?

Ah that reminds me: They may also release them on PSN eventually so if u want you can wait for DMC3 to be on PSN and snag it.

Copped for DMC1 alone. I need a new copy of that game, mines getting pretty fuckin tired. Having it looks so clean and crisp will be bad ass. They better do the smart thing and make it the SE version of DMC3 tho or the while package will be mired in bad press.

Whats this DMC2 you’re talking about? DJ stuff?

  • :bluu:

2nd link seems to confirm that yes this DMC3 is the Special (Yellow?) Edition.

Hmm, now that I think about it, there is only one reason why I would purchase DMC HD collection

DMC1 did not age well, but the screen shots on neogaf are arousing.

dare I say, DMC2 even looks “better”.

fuck DmC, #imjustsayin.

I didn’t read the articles but does anyone know if this is gonna be a digital or physical release? I’d assume physical since they’re calling it the HD collection, but that’s also what they called the Resident Evil one.

The games look cool in widescreen. I’ll be sure to get a copy and to never play DMC2 ever again.

For 360 I might actually get this, get some achievements out of it. Plus I can’t find my PS2 games so yeah.

Oooh I might have to get this. My PS2 is dying so I can’t play the older versions.

ATM a disc release, but a digital release may be available after the disc release, if not on the same day of release.