This is gonna be one hell of a party! Devil May Cry HD Duology releasing April 3rd 2012, for $39.99!


DMC2 was very flawed in the gameplay department and it definitely deserves all its criticism in the gameplay department, but there was a lot of cool things that game added to the series that never got followed through because of the negative reaction to the shitty gameplay. I’m glad they kept the apocalyptic feel for DMC3, but I really liked a darker, less cheesy Dante. Cheesy Dante is great, but stoic Dante was a BAMF. We’ll probably never see his story followed up, but it actually interested me the most out of all the DMC stories. Not saying much yeah, but still. DMC2 had some memorable bosses, a great score and a great sense of style. It just played like shit.


It makes me sad that I’ve only played DMC3 and Dante is my favorite VG character. I definitely gotta pick this up and I’ll be buying DMC4 just for a visually impressive DMC game even though Trish looks like a vampire in ito_O


You might be a tad disappointed. DMC3 is head and shoulders above the others. DMC1 was amazing in its time, but it has aged quite badly. DMC4 barely features Dante. You get about 7 missions of backtracking and the majority of the time you’re playing his whiney proto-DmC clone. The only part of the game where you get to explore his tools in any depth is Bloody Palace which is by far the best part of the game.

One of Dante’s best appearances is actually in a RPG, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne AKA Lucifer’s Call. He’s very much his DMC2 incarnation, but in a game that plays well. Worth a look if you need moar Dante.


Thanx bro, I’ll be sure to check it out but even if DMC3 is the best (still have it:)) it’d be great to have it on PS3 and the others will just be a bonus then.


ill get it cuz dante has always been a dope character and Never had a ps2…




I’m on the fence about it…

DMC3 PS2 does not look good on an HD TV… still fun but man… so ugly…


Didn’t the same exact team who worked on DMC2 worked on DMC3?


Most (if not all) PS2 games look bad on HDTVs. Thats one of the reasons why you buy an HD Remake. Unless you mean playing DMC3 on a PS3 through an HDTV looks bad bc I’ve only played it on my PS2.


The director and half the team who worked on DMC2 worked on DMC3.

The thing a lot of people don’t know about DMC2 is that it wasn’t created as a DMC game, it was something else completely and Capcom execs intervened and forced it to become DMC2 because DMC1 was a surprise hit and they wanted a quick follow up. It was about 50% done when it changed into a DMC game. Hence why it has good ideas executed very badly.

The other half of the DMC3 team came from DMC1s Team Little Devils.

Plugging a PS2 into an HDTV looks like fucking ass. It’s awful. Playing PS2 games through a BC compatible PS3 upscale’s them so they look decent but these HD Collections are still better.

Hell just having DMC1 and 3 in widescreen will make these games harder and more challenging. So awesome. DMC1 is going to be even more aggressive then it already is.

DMC1’s still the best one by the way.


Holy fraggin’ shite-
99 Achievements…that’s almost 100 trophies for the PS3 ver. (lots and lots of Bronzes)


Neogaf screenshots aren’t very impressive but eventually after a price drop on amazon I’ll buy since I already have all DMC’s in good condition. Haven’t played DMC since 4 launched. I look forward to remembering why I love the series (except 2).


DMC1 began as a Resident Evil game, and the juggle system originated from a glitch in Onimusha’s combat, but DMC2? That was Production Team 1, and they had just done CVS2 before being handed DMC2’s development, and that was before DMC even hit North America…never heard of it being another game…what was it called?


Devil May Cry is one of the greatest games made. The other games in the series I could care less for. 4 was a total waste of a game, whoever thought it would be a good idea to backtrack with Dante should be punched in the face. DMC started the trend of Action Adventure games, and all of them have copied it for example God of War. I even think that was one of the David Jaffe’s influences to make the game.


I got 99 achievements but Ninja Theory ain’t one. HIT ME!!!


what are the new features? Does it at least have a leaderboard mode to challenge other peeps scores in all the games? I never got my fix from when players use to beat each others style videos back around 2006 to 2008. Good times : )

Anyhoo those days will come back if capcom takes the necessary steps kinda like Ninja Gaiden did with the Master Ninja thing back in the day.


I dunno about leaderboards but I heard the HD DMC1 has “corrected” controls. So jump would be the X button now appose to Triangle (thank god). Can’t remember where I heard it from though…



Triangle as jump is brilliant, ya’ll are slaves to habit!



Lol but seriously, it was pretty much that. I got used to the X/A/ whatever button being the jump button in pretty much everything. Every time I replayed DMC1 I had to get used to it again lol.