This is gonna get mentioned eventually... the EVO thread


Given that EVO is within two months, it would be a good idea to see who’s heading to Vegas to compete/gamble/challenge TvC players from all around (the world?), maybe set up plans for rooms, group trips, etc.

So, who’s going to compete?

Its already almost a month before EVO! Plus Devastation next week, which means there should be a lot of interesting competition. Only slightly updating, but better than nothing. Also, from what I’ve heard, we have a high number of competitors in TvC in EVO. It’s safe to say that there will be some crazy matches come July.

Locations confirmed:

West Coast US: NorCal, SoCal, Arizona?
East Coast US: Missouri, Virgina, Pennsylvania
MidWest US: Illinois, Texas?
Europe: UK?

I’m sure there are more people coming in from other parts of the world. Post or let me know so I can give a better idea of where TvC players are arriving from to prove their skills.


my money is on nobody, cuz tvc has a small tournament scene and all the players are mostly online only.


Hmm… I’m sure I’m one of those people going… can I get your money then? =P

Seriously speaking, as much as I agree that TvC has a small community, at least its being worked on. It only got released worldwide back in January, and it was assumed to be a niche title. However, the potential to have a dedicated community exits, but only time (and continued effort) will tell.

Sadly, with MvC3 popping up around the same time next year it’s not likely for TvC to show up in EVO 2011. That said, it’s best to go out with a bang and show up to take on the people determined enough (or crazy like me) to show up at EVO. There are definitely gonna be some good matches to play/watch over there. For the people I know who’ll make the trek over, we will do our best to make the tourney/experience as great as we can.

Or get drunk =D.


I fully agree it’s sad the way MvC3 is looming over the already small TvC community. However, TvC is an incredible game in its own right and, c’mon, we must have a larger community than Melty Blood. :slight_smile: I, for one, am very much looking forward to the TvC portion of EVO2K10.


lack of a community = im taking evo for free!!! haha :stuck_out_tongue:


If all the heavy hitters from MWC show up to EVO then it should make for a very interesting tournament.

Could either be really hype or dead.Just depends on the turnout and quality of players.I hope theres some more publicity for TVC in between now and EVO time though.I feel that the MWC stream really helped give the public a glimpse of what this game can be like.


The entire top 5 from MwC will be there for sure. Me and the rest of the STL crew (PJ and P.R.O) are going, Psychochronic is going, Marn is going, Eric V is going…its safe to say that its going to be a good event. Lets just hope that the brackets aren’t as lopesided as they were for MWC


Good thread, Rodondo Beach John!

Before I get too off topic, let me just say here: I’m going to EVO 2K10 for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom! I hope to see all who have dedicated themselves to the game and hope that we can all get some great battles.

For some reason, it suddenly hit me that TvC needs some sort of revival. I know players are still out there, but not everyone is playing live tournaments. Online is okay if players are difficult for you to reach, but that’s exactly why its up to every single one of us to build the community ourselves. I’ve been at it relentlessly ever since the birth of CGoH and that’s why SoCal is still one of the best places to be for TvC.

TourneyPlay #5 here in SoCal drew in a nice crowd, especially with the finals between me and Truegamer (all vids HERE). And let’s not forget about the how much of the stream for MWC was devoted to TvC:UAS! There is still a lot of life left in this game, but people really need to be more active and participate with the community instead of mourning the lack of players on Nintendo Wi-Fi, as Wi-Fi players cannot truly represent the population of TvC players as a whole-- it’s the players who go to tournaments in person!

Now on the topic of MvC3 and SSFIV: Not everyone owns a PS3 and/or 360, so TvC is really all they have for a fighter. But those that do own a Wii AND a PS3 and/or 360, when MvC3 comes around, we will certainly all be ahead of all the players who neglected to take either iteration of TvC seriously. With MvC3 being heavily produced by Ryota Niitsuma (who we should all know as the lead producer for TvC), game mechanics of TvC will obviously be implemented. The amount of buttons usable that make the final cut of MvC3 should really be no real issue if you come from those who play TvC, but some MvC2 players just can’t seem to come to a compromise between 4 buttons and 2 assists (a.k.a MvC2-Stlye), 6 attack buttons w/mediums (a.k.a Pre MvC2-style) or TvC-Style of 3 attacks and one assist. We’ll just have to take what we’re given when the times comes around and just accept it or move on.

And SSFIV, while a respectably good game in its own right, is not everyone’s cup of tea. While being good at SSFIV can build a great foundation for playing a multitude of other 2-D fighting games at a competitive level, it’s not always that appealing to players who look for something else in their fighters. SSFIV can be quite demanding in terms of dexterity and execution, but it really rewards those who are spot on with both of those, while those who can’t keep up with the higher-level players just get left behind. TvC may seem very basic at first, but as you continue to understand the game mechanics, the same elements of dexterity and execution are easier to achieve and heightened levels of these truly make for a skilled player.

In short, TvC is not over-- we just all have to do our part to keep this game strong!


well put RoyalFlush, we gotta get this posted on Capcom-Unity, EventHubs and other sites that Im not aware about
TVC IS SO AWESOME, Our final matches made me LUV TvC even more, its weird that we somehow never face each other in tournaments, we don’t play each other that often including friendly matches


kurasa you coming out to ect?


I’ll be there. Hope I last more than a couple of rounds… haha


I want to go to EVO but I still have no plans for a hotel room or a way to get there. Someone from SoCal want to work something out possibly though I need to see if I have any other plans around that date.


I’ll be there. I’m hype to finally play against the US scene.


I will be at ECT and Devastation and EVO so i rep TvC to the fullest.

I hope to see you guys there.


i’ll be there.

but my only objective is defeat marn, that mothafucka will learn a lesson from me :slight_smile:


It’s great to see who else out there is playing TvC beyond the SoCal and NorCal community. I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone at EVO, and hopefully be able to talk about ways to get better (cough and sabotage your playing styles and fix bets cough). =P

As I agree with RoyalFlush, all TvC needs is people down to meet up and play, and to keep welcoming new players to the mix. Ironically, TvC’s best chance of surviving will stem from the effort Wii owners/players put into it. The Wii has great potential to develop a strong fighting game community, as Smash Bros appears to be the only dominant one on there. For that to occur, we just need to keep exposing TvC at tourney’s, events, friends, etc, and throw out good discussion posts. Help people new to the game understand how to play better, and you’ll have more people supporting and appreciating the game overall.

A good way of viewing it is, if you enjoy TvC, just support it. It doesn’t need to compare with everything else out there, it is its own game. Its a fun game that with every match, you never know who’ll win until the end. It still has a lot of hidden tricks still undiscovered too(Roll puddle tricks! Whoo!).

I get the impression there are more people coming in from other countries not mentioned, so just to get an rough idea of who we might be seeing…:

East Coast (more specific?)
Europe (more specific?)
Fill me in if I’m missing something.


I wasn’t so sure about showing up at EVO, but if it seems like there will be a huge TvC turn out, I’m definitely down for coming.

I’m going to be at Devastation for sure though, and I hope to see a decent turn out. Hopefully we can surprise people.


Ill be there, along with some more chicago players, Midwest gonna represent.


i think gonna be at devastation, not sure about evo though. i will do my best to go to both :smiley:


So I’ve got a question. What’s gonna be the deal with controllers? Are those of us with controllers that plug into wiimotes gonna be ok? Should I invest in a hard-wired stick?