This is gonna get mentioned eventually... the EVO thread


I think Keits has some explaining to do…

I’d probably suggest saving yourself the trouble and go the route of the latter and make/buy your own wired stick.

My self-modded Mayflash stick -> Hurricane Polimar Holy Blood Sanwa stick is working wonders for me!


You stole my thread :frowning:

Oh I see Kurasa don’t add me in STL scene lol I can understand.
Get hyped check this beast flier I made :smiley:


nowadays im an online only player. it sucks but i dont have anyone to play with near me. i played offline the other day against my friend when i was in new york and i realized just how bad online has made me. it screws your timing. i’ll just stick to kicking ass online.


I’d like to see a picture of that mayflash stick xD

btw… since I won’t be able to go can I expect to see some vids of the matches? :razz:


Oh, if anyone didn’t see in the Evo section, I had Mr. Wizard address a rule question of mine in this thread.

For those who don’t feel like reading, I asked if the winner would be allowed to switch order by holding the P button before the match starts. I know this is not an issue ever, but I figured it should be clarified due to something like that possibly affecting matchups. :slight_smile:

Also, I’m coming from New Orleans, being the solo TvC player to represent Louisiana. :slight_smile: I look forward to playing you all, and I’m aiming for the top!


My currently used modded Mayflash stick with Holy Blood Hurricane Polimar.

I’m almost finished with my modded T5 Hori stick that will use this artwork of Polimar with orange Sanwa Buttons and ball top, Seimitsu LS-32-01 stick.

Personally, I don’t really care if there’s pre-match character switching because you can actually see the characters switch, whereas in MvC2, they switch before during the loading screen and you see a different order of characters before the fight begins. Rules are rules, so we should just follow them if Mr. Wizard says so. Casuals and TvC room matches, however, should allow pre-match switching.


I’ll be showing up for sure along with a local TvC regular in my area named Javid, who uses a solid Jun/Morrigan (IIRC), along with a solid PTX:



Fuck PTX!


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Also in attendance will be his brother, TitanD :smiley:


Oh yeah? OH YEAH? Well fuck Doronjo and her weird costume!


I’ll fuck her :3


A true Canadian invasion is going to happen!

It is a weird costume…


pre match switching should be allowed no doubt, If it is stay with the character in order then that will be kind of dumb. It really does not effect things.


Yeah I know. It’s put into the game by the developers, but because we must follow TRADITIONAL rulesets relating to past versus games you can’t.

I swear it’s like a Smash ban. But I didn’t feel like arguing about it since it is hardly used.


It’s illegal? I thought it was okay in MvC2, and the impact is much less in this game


I didn’t even know you could do that in MVC2. How is it done?


You hold either the Assist 1 button or Assist 2 button during the loading screen to put the respective character on point.

There was some trick where if you switched during the loading screen and then held down say, c.LK after the match loads (but before the announcer says FIGHT) your move will be the first in.
So from what I understand, that’s why a bunch of MSP players a while ago chose the team order as Storm/Mags/Psylocke.
I don’t know if its true at all and I don’t know what difference it really made, since Magneto’s c.LK comes out in 1 frame anyway.

But TvC doesn’t have a glitch that would give a player an advantage like that, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed.


yeah. It’s like forcing KOF players to play the characters in the order they select them.

and thanks.


I got my room for EVO,
what Hotel u guys staying at, me and my friends weren’t able to get a room at Caesar’s Palace
we got a room at Imperial Palace, which is within walking distance of Caesar’s Palace…


…so officially, are they allowing sticks that plug into the Wiimote?

Sorry if its been answered, I’m not seeing it.