This is hilarious... I just realized today that I don't know how to EX FA!

So I was checking out SSF4 at a friends house. I main Seth so I was eager to see what changes they had made. I went to trials quickly and went to the last few looking for new combos. I got to the last one and it requires Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Sonic Boom, Cancel into EX-Focus Attack, Dash, Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Sonic Boom, Cancel into EX-Focus Attack, Dash, Crouching Hard Punch, juggle with Tandem Stream (Ultra)… When I do the focus, everything is linked, but Dan does not crumble like I have seen in trial videos. So I was wondering what in the hell could I be doing wrong. Then I notice it says EX Focus! What the hell is a EX Focus? Am I missing something? This is so embarrassing lol. I’ve been playing SF4 since the release, and I never noticed. Or is there something different in SSF4?

You mistiming the FA.

You need to hit a level 2 focus attack for him to crumple… wait until Seth flashes then release MP and MK at that exact moment. It can be pretty tricky to time right but once you get used to it, it’s easy.

To shed more light on it - yeah you’re mistiming it…you’re not holdingthe FA long enough to where you get the flash (EX) that will induce a crumple-state.

It’s basically a level 2 or 3 FA.

Hmm… But I’m hitting the first 3 moves perfectly. Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Sonic Boom, Cancel into EX-Focus Attack, Dash

Shout I be doing it like 1-2-3-4? Where is my timing off? If I hold the FA (even for a second) Dan blocks. If I hold it too long the link breaks. I hit it every time, but it’s not making him crumple! cries

It’s somewhere in between the time when he blocks it, and when you hit but he doesn’t crumple.

OK. Since I know what I’m looking for. What if I just do teh EX FA? When Seth lights up it should use 2 bars right? If so, I’ll just keep working on my timing. Damn, I’m glad I realized this before SSF4 drops.

The timing is very tight, and very frustrating if you’ve never done it before, so don’t get discouraged.

So you’re doing

s.hp xx qcf+p xx mp+mk (hold)… (release, focus attack hits person) xx dash cancel the focus attack xx s.hp xx qcf+p , repeat

I’m just wondering how all these people are getting copies before the official release date.

They’ve downloaded the leaked version and play it on a modded Xbox. Cool indeed.

An EX FA is when you cancel into a focus attack. The term isn’t used on forums because its unnecessarily confusing.

Was that so hard people?
So many irrelevant things being said, lol.

wtf otter that didn’t make sense, he asked how to do it, not what is it…

The thing you gotta realise is you cancel the sonicboom as soon as you throw it, not as soon as you hit the opponent and it does seem to get to level 2 a lot quicker than a normal FA.

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