This is how you DON'T play Street Fighter (aka LOL DSP)

Edit: You guys facepalming yet?

Lol, DarkScrubPhail.


Those are all thoughts we’ve had before, when we first started playing. Not after 5-10years of fighting games. I mean, sure occasionally you have a bad day and you think “fuck I thought I teched that.” then get thrown again “I FUCKING TECHED THAT!” but

  1. You rarely whine it out loud if you are over the age of 13
  2. You up your game and get better instead of whining about how scrubby the opponent is.

I mean I lose to stupid shit all the damn time, people mashing DP is the bane of my existence some days online. That is because I played poorly enough that them mashing DP was enough to beat me. Not because they were scrubs.

God. The guy is hilariously just bad at life.

I’ve been working on this all morning and thought it suitable:

I’m a scrub and that’s OK, with practice, perseverance and a strong sense of humility, I shall rise beyond this low level play. I will become a great player, maybe not today, or even tomorrow, but I will get there. Though it may be difficult, I shall never blame lag of input, device failure, or the “cheating” of my opponent for my failures. I am a scrub and that’s OK.

I need to add some things but soon it will be my sig.

I’d be inclined to agree, but it’s DSP. He deserves all the shit he can get.

After having my ears subjected to 10 minutes of bitching, I agree.

lol, Watson rules.

There’s a huge difference between being a Novice and a Scrub.

Wanting to be a better player, willingness to learn and accepting defeat when first learning the game, puts you in the Novice category.

DSP on the other hand… is a Scrub.

Is it wrong that I’m tempted to subscribe to his channel to get more of that?

I stand corrected then, I suppose I was just unacquainted with the origin of the term “scrub” and am using it wrong. Thank you for expanding my knowledge, cheers.

“A counterpick! This guy’s cheating.” xD

I wouldn’t bother, he’s losing subs actually.

The guy has been under constant ridicule as of late because of his awful Let’s Plays, cringe worthy commentary and relentless bitching about video games.

Who’s putting him on blast? His own fans. lol

I can’t like this hard enough.

That guy should do one for every fighting game he fails at. This fucker plays Hugo SA2 and Urien SA1 in 3S…

The amount of rage and denial this guy has is unbelievable.

I put together this video to share with the FGC. lol.

And nice suggestion, I might just do that.

@Engravings Maybe you should do a massive compilation called “This is how you DON’T play fighting games” and he also scrubbed it out and raged incessantly when playing Tekken Tag and Revolution.

He also played MVC1 and it was funny because he was trolling nubs but the instant he gets blasted by Striderine he whines about lag.

Good thing he doesn’t play Marvel…might have killed himself

Definitely will be doing this.

Now I just dread sitting through hours of gameplay, listening to his manchild fits.

He did play Marvel 3…

I think you should put up annotations or something showing how wrong he is when he claims that that’s a lag tactic or doesn’t work or whatever. Nearly all of his fans don’t play fighters and blindly agree with whatever he bitches about and takes it as fact.

It would take a LOT of work though. LOL.