This is impossible!

Well to me it is. I am doing Chun Li trials on Super (3D) and I have them all except 21. Is there an easy way to cancel into super? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Seriously? I figured the link from light Lightning Legs into would be bigger trouble, cancelling the into super is easy. Try practicing just cancelling into super a couple times, try to understand the timing a little. Basically, break the combo down into parts, practice the parts, and then put together for the final product. I don’t know as there is anything else to tell you, as there aren’t really any shortcut inputs for charge moves or any real tricks I know of. You could try to remap your controller temporarily to give you an advantage, or if you’re really desperate, go turbo.

Good luck to you. A little practice and patience is all you need.

Haven’t done the 21st trial yet, but I like to hold down back as I am inputting to go ahead and buffer the super. Pretty easy stuff, just keep practicing.

Oh yeah! If you’re using a stick, and you have a square gate equipped, try “riding” along the bottom of the gate for the forward then back portion of the command, then hit up-forward with a button press to finish the command. Basically, your holding down back for most of the combo, then when inputting for the super, you’ll move from down-back, to down, down-forward, down, down-back, down, up-forward. It’s something I do to help me activate Bison’s U1 instead of getting a teleport in battle, and most people who use charge characters will say that using the square gate can really help with move activations and such.

He means on the 3DS doesn’t he?

‘Super (3D)’

Oh, didn’t know what he meant by that. Can’t help there.

Yeah, I was referring to the 3DS version; sorry bout that.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

You can always do it like B, DF+c.MK, B, F+K for the super.

I feel stupid for even suggesting it, but that particular combo is not very useful or practical. Why not just use simple mode? No need to buffer the super and just hit the button? I dunno thats what I would do

Have you considered pressing cr. M and then binding a button to do super, because I know you can fking do that on the 3ds?

charge back, forward,, back, forward, mk super button on the touch screen, srsly i bought that game thinking it was going to be fun but the buttons suck to play on unless you use the easy mode which allows you to bind moves and supers and ultras to one hit buttons but then everyone picks either e honda and guile which makes them SSSSS+ tier due to not having to charge and that you have constant armour if you don’t block.