"THIS IS KUMITE 2008" The World's first virtual and real martial arts Tourney...

My name is Kenneth aka IK Rugal, I’m the founder of the AH2R Organization, a non-profit and independent organization whose goal is to develop the concept of virtual martial arts mixed with traditional martial arts.
You can check our still under construction website if you want more info about this original concept :

(And then click on intro, you will find an american translation for the whole website, a few small parts excepted though, still working on it)

www.ah2r.org (2 forums and 2 parts for the website : a real fighting part and a virtual fighting part)

We are CVS 2 freaks and have been organizing big events in Europe since 2003(France, Germany, Austria), though the game was supposed to be dead… Knowing that SBO and EVO won’t support the game anymore we want players from all around the world to unite and create their own “do it yourself” tourneys. Next year a lot of our players shall attend at Evo if there is a CVS 2 tourney and we will try to develop our brotherhood overseas by meeting the American players who are now nearly as strong as the Japanese top players. Europe has still some work to do but we would have been curious to see what our 2008 European Champion Yamazaki 93 would have done this year, but he didn’t receive his passport on time so Neo Empire ,who organized the Battle of Destiny where Justin Wong was invited, gave his ticket to Desk, a UK based player.

All this talking to announce you that we are organizing the World’s first Virtual/Real Martial Arts Fighting Tournament “THIS IS KUMITE 2008” in November on arcades only which is something new in Europe, and that we have a big tourney in store for CVS 2 freaks, with 48 hours non stop casual CVS 2 on versus city and astrocity arcades, PS2 and Dreamcast in May 2009. A 1000$ CVS 2 tourney on PS2 and some real martial arts fighting as an icing on the cake…
National CVS 2 champions from every country in the world shall attend to see who is really the best on this planet. Bas and John Choi being our special guests for a USA vs JAPAN vs EUROPE challenge, and we shall introduce to the world our “Beat By Breaker Challenge” on a dedicated versus city arcade: the man who provides the biggest beat by of the week end shall get a bonus prize of 300$.

Here is the THIS IS KUMITE official announcement :
(On our forum http://www.ah2r.org/uk/forums/showthread.php?t=54)



(a tribute to Sosai OYAMA, and to his very interesting book “This is Karate”)

The first AH2R tournament mixing real and virtual martial arts with CVS 2, SFZ3 and SSFIIT only on arcades (CVS 2 will also be held on PS2 because of “newbies” and top players like Evil (France) or Snake(Greece) who still play with a pad :rolleyes: ). Warning, this tourney is limlited to 32 fighters maximum and only if you’re invited or recommanded by a shidoshi (info : associationah2r@gmail, +0033(0)660245652)

Saturday, the 8th of November 2008

-THIS IS KUMITE SSFIIT Arcade : Single elimination tourney on astrocity arcade cabinets SSFIIX at 2pm.

-THIS IS KUMITE CVS 2 Arcade : Single elimination tourney on versus city arcade cabinets all fights being simultaneously shown on a HD screen at 7pm at Gamespirit.

-THIS IS KUMITE SFZ3 Arcade : Single elimination tourney on astrocity arcade cabinets at 11pm.

-The 100 man kumite test for Yamazaki 93. The night will be very long with CVS 2 running on arcades and PS2 as well for a big casual play gory orgy. Yamazaki 93 will be the first fighter in the world to try to pass this mythical test of a 100 fights in a row. Osu!!

Sunday, the 9th of November 2008

End of the casual play gory orgy at 7h30 in the morning, we shall all head to the Hombu Neo Dojo AH2R, where all Uchi Deshi will be hosted to have some decent sleep after all the pain they had to endure.

-THIS IS KUMITE SEMI CONTACT Single elimination tourney in Semi contact at 3 pm.

Rules :
-Flying kick to the head 4 points
-Kick to the head 3 points
-Kick to the body 2 points
-Punch to the head or to the body 1 point
(So people don’t get hurt no throwing, sweeps and no kara demon…
No K.O other wise you’ll be disqualified.)

End of the Semi contact tourney 5h00pm



The glorious past of our world wide CVS 2 community projected on a huge silver screen : pictures and videos of our top fighters from all around the world; and exclusively from AH2R and never to be seen on youtube or somewhere else : pool matches and winner/loser brackets matches from Evo 2008, the (in)famous Bruno Vaysse at Tougeki 2005, and other surprises that we 've been keeping under our hat…

Free hosting during the Saturday to Sunday night at AH2R’s Hombu Dojo, but be sure to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Foreign players will be freely hosted during the whole week end, a free visit of our beautiful town will be organized on friday and/or on monday and tuesday.

ALL ACCESS PASS 15 EUROS (3 euros being given to the GAMESPIRIT Dojo for the Versus City Arcade Cabinets CVS 2 tourney on saturday night in order to pay for the drinks).

Date :
Saturday the 8th of November 2008 till Sunday, the 9th of November 2008, foreign players can stay till tuesday, the 11th of November 2008 but only if invited(info : associationah2r@gmail, +0033(0)660245652) .

Location :
Held secret till the end…

A few pictures of the Gamespirit Dojo




List of the fighters engaged :

CVS 2 Official European Champion YAMAZAKI 93 (Paris) France
IK RUGAL AKA IK+ (Lyon) France
WALDO (Rennes) France
YAMSHA (Rennes) France
Daru (Rennes) France
Wagner (Rennes) France
RYOSAEBA (Paris) France
METISSE93OR (Paris) France
KX (Lyon) France
Zenfire Netherlands
Frionel San Marocco/Japan
SX (Lyon) France
R-Jive Netherlands
ADM (Paris) France
Private Ryan (London) UK
M-Rick (Bordeaux) France

…Write your name here quick

“He says Senzo TANAKA is his Shidoshi!”

“Aren’t you a little old for video games?”



1st RULE: You do not talk about THIS IS KUMITE.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about THIS IS KUMITE.

3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.

5th RULE: One fight at a time.

6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.

7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first night at THIS IS KUMITE, you HAVE to fight.

1st 32 points
2nd 31 points
3rd 30 points
32nd 0 points.

CVS 2 :
1st 32 points
2nd 31 points
3rd 30 points
32nd 0 points.

SFZ3 :
1st 32 points
2nd 31 points
3rd 30 points
32nd 0 points.

Semi contact :
1st 32 points
2nd 31 points
3rd 30 points
32nd 0 points.

Winner of the ANKOKU HOO REIKEN RYU QUADRIATHLON wins a very special prize, more info in the coming weeks…

PS: ICHIGEKI 2009 is on its way…
Some quick info to give you a taste of what will probably be the best CVS 2 tourney ever organized In Europe and maybe in the World…

-MAY 2009, FRANCE.

-1000$ cash price for the CVS 2 World Champion

-Official National CVS 2 champions from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Holland, UK etc…

Stay tuned in the coming months and start to…




sorry france, the rest of the world doesnt play cvs2 anymore