This is lame NoX

I was trying to get some 3S games going with someone, so I made a chat room in GodWeapon and gave them my server IP. Right after I do, 2 guys show up in my server and start asking me why I’m “hiding” there instead of playing in GW. A few seconds after, my server gets closed. They did this a couple more times until I lowered the user limit so that they couldn’t get back in (either that or they got bored).

Now the only way they could’ve heard me give the IP is if they were admins on invis’.
The guys’ names were:

  • …ooOO|::The_Bizarro_World::|OO, Michelle-Heart, and Monster Masher.

Also took this screen:

My server closed down immediately after this person joined, and gee that sig’ looks familiar doesn’t it. Funny how the only time my server gets unwelcome visitors is when I give someone the IP in your server.

This isn’t helping your case regarding the whole DaRoms thing.

And he just attacked Daroms again…

Yep, ultra-lame.

At least now you know for sutre that it was GW people who hacked Daroms.

Seriously…how does these immature lot get to be admin? Or does NoX recruit anyone who throws money at him? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It is after all…NoX and his disciples.

I think it’s hilarious they are treating kaillera like some kind of profitable organized crime activity.

Nox is buusted.

I was wondering why DaRoms kept messing up…


Enter the world of NoX.

They really need to stop that shit

man your telling me not one of your douche friends could of spread your ip out? The pic states shit. I seen like 50 ppl with that quit message. So how the hell am I busted? Get Real.:rofl:

maybe it was one of your minions of evil or sometin. I dunno.

Somebody call the kaillera cops, please :lol:

lol well if one of my Asshole “Minions” did do it. There is nothing I can do about that. Keep Firing Assholes~ Shit Yea!

The Minions that pretend to be controlled by nox are 2 powerful, stay away and dont host default configured servers, make sure you configure it thoroughly.
You will be safe if you stay in server, Its always being updated to prevent and stop such strange unexplainable shit.

Btw, Members of a Korean server usually attack US servers. they sometimes find holes and exploit any security flaws, they probably targeted you.
Whats the point of doing that? What do koreans benefit, is it like training for the bigger “hits”

The only thing koreans ever hacked was kawaks 1.45 to add new games and they aren’t that retarded enough to come after US servers. Its too late and obvious to be shifting the blame. And well…NoX said it didn’t he? He doesn’t care if his Minions hack other servers. Just combine it with GW’s past history and and that picture…its more than likely that it was one of his minions.

Its really a shame…there isn’t even any privacy at GW. People can’t exchange IPs without getting hacked.

And supposedly now I’m getting kicked from DaRoms because I go to GW…

actually they kicked you out brownout or whoever, doesn’t like you :lovin:

they were all whining about you earlier.

morphous56k was saying how you helped S.C and T-Akuma hack DaRoms… I have doubts whether its was the truth but well… if I were in their shoes, I’d have banned you parmanantly just in case.

His sarcastic tone was pretty obvious.

WTF! brownout is admin in daroms now?

lol, this is turning into an episode of “Sopranos”