This is like the best forum

This place should be the one stop shop for every fighting game out there, one of the best forum engines I’ve seen

If you’re interested in the tech behind it, SRK’s forums are running on Xenforo.

Actually, more than a few fighting game sites have migrated to this already.

I like the “like” button, but I miss thread tags

It’s slick, I just wish the Ignore function worked. ;\

If you want to see what XenForo can look like when a little bit of work is put into it…

8WAYRUN switched to XenForo over a year ago, and since then I have helped not only, but also and switch to XenForo as well. Unfortunately, SRK chose to go with Wordpress as their front page, instead of my XenPorta software, and thats why the front page is such a clusterfuck.

I like your post and I wish I could tag this thread

best forum ever, eventhubs 4 lyfe, fuck srk, haters gon hate, op is a fag, weeaboo avatar,

That probably explains why FSD has a nice new look. On the other hand, TYM looks a bit too much like 8WR that it get’s confusing at times.

word it is I got some punani off this. thanks wiz