This is probably one of the dumbest questions put here, but

Is there any way to train myself in terms of reading people’s movement? I can to a certain extent. but I adapt, I want to actually go for reading. It sounds strange, but I am determined to reach this. any advice?

I think the better approach would be to condition your opponent to move the way YOU want them to move.

Agreed. Condition them to believe that you will react a certain way, then you can predict their response in that situation and change your reaction accordingly. You can’t read a new opponent in the opening seconds of a match, you have to quickly learn their patterns and then manipulate them.

Experience. Players famous for it don’t have some magical ability. They’ve simply seen everything in every game and will recognize all your options right away. Then they will try to “read” which one you will take based on your previous tendencies.

Literally knowing all the options, and processing that information at a fast rate comes with experience.

Shoryuken - SSF4 Ryu Vs Chun Surprise Ending!

I outread this dude the entire first round and I’m not experienced at all. You just gotta give yourself more credit than you might think. The fact that you are concerned about this tells me you are thinking, which in turn means you are capable of deducing logically to yourself. This is where the SF “Meta game” comes in. I don’t exactly understand it because telegraphing to the world what you are going to do kinda fucks you over before you start so I don’t do it, but everyone else does it and Iknow this so…

Round 1.

Ryu vs Chun

How do all chun’s play? They fireball and wait behind the fireball like it’s some unbeatable wall of sorts. How often do they it? Always. So I, Ryu, take a step forward keeping my anti-fireball spinning kick in mind and when I see her flinch in place I figure I can spinning kick right away because 1) I will go over a fireball 2) If she poked with a normal she will not reach me and I will hit her poke with my spinning kick. 3) What’s she going to do if I mess up? Grab me? short short no combo? That’s not damage and though it’s a knock down Chun’s don’t exactly have a good wake up mix up game despite what she might look like on paper. A dash back beats most of her high low mix ups and if she mashes pokes on my dash back I will air reset because of the weird back dash properties which in turn will not hurt at all AND if she tries to stick out another poke, I buffer dp and press the button only if I see her stick out a limb.

I don’t know if this helps at all but I’ve always wanted to type something like that.

Also, you only learn this stuff from experience like they said but that’s not to say you need a whole bunch of it. I think one day playing one on one with ONE thinking opponent for a few hours will get you at least an associate’s degree in “reading comprehension”.


wow. thats good stuff. thanks. Really makes me think more on my playing style. and Dander, the concept seems like it may take some work. but It makes sense. And the end of the mtch really just made me say,“WTF?..” thanks to you guys. Hope to play ya some time in SSFIV

Sick you beat someone who doesn’t block on wakeup.

All I can really tell you is don’t jump early and don’t get knocked down early. Don’t do any ‘smart’ random stuff either. If you get knocked down early, they can do stupid stuff to you and you get damage that they shouldn’t of earned. I would say zone/footsie them out to see which buttons they like to press and where. Other than that, know the character matchup.

There is prediction based on their patterns and there is prediction based on your conditioning of the opponent. The first would be an example of what Dander mentioned, the second:

Say you’re playing Adon against a character with a weak wake up game, lets say Cody with no EX stock and no Ultra meter. He has his little dust move, his slide kick normal, and his charge punch (sorry the names escape me). Through the course of the game whenever you’ve knocked him down you’ve gone for a cross up, into a hit confirm-able combo, if it hits you end it with Rising Jaguar and repeat, if not you end it with a relatively safe Jaguar Kick, and then repeat until he escapes.

Now he has come to expect that, so after scoring this knock down, instead of going for the cross up you back up slightly and go for a, he expects the cross up and you kick him in the face, combo, Rising Jaguar, knock down…

Or you could have gone for a cross up which has less block stun and then thrown him after landing…

Or you could have walked up and thrown him…

The point is you have a reasonably certain expectation of what he will do based off of his read of your patterns.

So lets back up, you just scored that knock down after the non-cross up, so now that you’ve broken from your pattern there is a greater chance that he will go for an escape instead of sitting there and trying to guess which way to block, so you have to rely on your read of him. Let’s say he is really on point on defense and you expect him to wait it out and build a little meter…

Ooops wrong, he slid away from you, shouldn’t have been a huge surprise as it is one of his few options, what are you going to do? Dash up and grab him, mk Jaguar kick? Either one of those might result it eating one of his tornado punches (again, I don’t know the names…). How about a neutral jump to bait the special then a cross up to start the entire thing again?

But what if he went for a high Ruffian Kick (YES! I know one of them) and kicked you out of the air? But you know that every time he scores a knock down on you he goes for a cross up, block string, tornado upper. So you use Adon’s killer dash to dash out from his cross up attempt, block the tornado, sweep him and back to the cross up…

BUT you’ve noticed that he has built up Ultra meter during all of this so instead of continuing your pressure game after he blocks the cross up you just block yourself as you are pretty damn sure he is going to use the invulnerable frames of his Ultra to blast through this and punish you for being too aggressive…Ultra blocked you go for a Rising Jaguar, FADC, Ultra 2 and the game is over.

Now keep in mind that I didn’t go to deep with this as I’m pretty bad myself and I expect since you are asking the question more complexity isn’t really needed just yet. Also keep in mind that the better you and your opponents get the quicker this will begin to happen, and if you try to “condition” your opponent too long all you are doing is giving them too much time to apply their read of YOU.

Also, if you are playing against a certain type of player DON’T try to condition them. it is a waste of time. You know the type, you’ve blocked 6 of his SRKs on his wake up and punished them all, so you think “SURELY THIS MORON WON’T GO FOR A 7th…” so you walk up to throw his ass and eat a 7th flaming SRK. Don’t bother with a complex strategy, just grind out the punishment.