This is ridiculous, when do we get the Evo East schedule?

I’ve been trying to plan my Evo trip for quite a while now, and it’s not all that easy when I have to consider things such exactly what days I have to be there for the game I want to compete in (Smash Melee). I need to know things like is it on Friday because I have college classes on Friday, or if I would need to stay overnight, who I can make the drive with, and my friends aren’t sure because they’re in the same problem I’m in. I can’t register until I find out this schedule, and I’ve even been PM’ing the higher ups here asking about it. I was first told it would be up last Tuesday at the latest, and it was never put up. I asked again around Thursday, only to be told it would be put up this weekend. How hard is it to make a schedule??

You’re not the only person who has been asking about this, and you’re not being ignored. I’ve been on Mr. Wizard’s butt about it for quite a while. The issue is that they have a lot of games to spread out over the weekend and they want to have it so they have enough TVs for both casuals and full-scale tournaments at all times, without a shortage. The other problem is, if they put tournaments on Friday, there is a very high chance that turnout will suffer strongly (since most people cannot take a Friday before a long weekend off b/c of Memorial Day and will have school/work all day that day). So they are between a rock and a hard place.

Bottom line is it’s tough running a major event like this, so cut them some slack. I am just as angry as you that I have no idea when my tournaments are, but after talking with Wiz about it this week, I also understand where they’re coming from. The schedule will be out ASAP…and I’m sure when it does come out, people are going to complain anyway as usual :looney: So for now just chill.

Yea sorry about that I guess, I understand what it’s like to run tournaments as I’ve ran some myself (just no where near as huge as Evo!). Never thought about how it would be hard for people to take off on Friday considering its a holiday weekend. The slack has been cut.

well where are you from? you flying?

Phil’s, you can say you’re stressed out as much yuo want. You like a 30mins drive away. But for those of us that needs to take off work and school, and book tickets, we need to know the schedule soon. And if they start games on Friday morning, that means we have to get there thurs night, and that’s just an even bigger headache for getting out of work and school.

The Evo staff should be a little more considerate about this. I understand that running a tournament of this capacity is a lot of stress and work, but without the players there wouldn’t be a tournament. The staff should be a bit more considerate to the travelers.

East schedule is up in the other thread.