This is simply a basic request for help? Help me with Precharging


I’m horrible and when I say horrible with charging my moves for characters that are solely reliant on them. I mean horrid. You can literally watch me charge as we fight that’s how horrid it is, but I was wondering does anyone have any tips to help me become a better charge user. Reason why i ask of this help is because I main Gen, and his Crane stance is all Charge moves, but I also have my sights set on picking up Vega as well. So I was thinking once mastering the charge my game would step up immensely, but how would one go about learning to precharge and what would be a effective way for me to become better with said charging.


Just practice in general? Alot of people say to play SF3 to help get a better understanding of charging. There is also a thread on Sonic Hurricane I believe about playing charge characters.


Making it obvious that your charging is not exactly a bad things sometimes. Its situational sometimes. You can make people get ready to anticipate a charge move and just a pull a quick one on them.

Hide your charge by whiffing out attacks and get used to charging downback as it’s more reliable, but this is also situational. I play Vega from time to time and a decent one at that. You don’t always need to be charging. Over charging is going to get yourself killed and just mind crushed if you over defend.

When you jump forward charge back or downback immediately and do 1 to 2 pokes depending on what you’re poking with. You should be able to confirm if the hits hit or not allowing you to know if you should do the move after the pokes or not. When I play Vega and do a jump in combo, I jump in with HK (charging downback as soon as I jump forward) and then do c.MK and if it hits I go into his Ex Inuna Drop but if it doesn’t I do a c.LP after it. If you play Vega you should know you can connect c.MK > c.LP. I feel as because Vega has a lot of 1 frame and tight links that it makes a great tool for frame traps.

Sometimes I get lucky and the opponent blocks the j.HK > c.MK and since they’re still in the blockstun of the MK they think they can poke out real quick. That’s when the c.LP hits them and I do EX Izuna Drop right away. You have to practice hit confirming though if you want to be successful at it.

I don’t play Gen at all so I can’t really help you on his part but for the charging thing, just buffer the charge in your attacks and pokes. Whenever you have the chance keep charging. Get used to charging after you do anything such as when poking or even when you successfully land a move on someone.


Thanks for these tips and I am going to try my best at placing these in action. Also if you don’t mind can you find me that thread about charging on Sonic Hurricane. I am horrid at navigating that site for some odd reason. :frowning:


You just need to get in the habit of sticking your stick in the down back position every time you jump dash or do whatever…basically lol.


Haha, yeah man no problem.


Thanks to you guys…I’ve seem to gained a better control over all my charge moves indeed. I’m going to be practicing alot, but I’m really looking forward to being the one to overcome so much adversity with my charging that I’ll practice day in and day out. I noticed that my charge has improved a bit, but it still needs work, because I got to get used to releasing my charge immediately after connecting with my pokes. With the practice on my charge possibly getting better…I noticed that Gen in his crane stance is similar to Vega’s charge set moves minus the scarlet terrace and cosmic heel. So that’s why I’ve been so bent on mastering the charge because i think the transition to Vega would be easy as well.


This has been said before but I agree with it: just keep practicing and playing. You probably won’t get it right away but it will start to become a natural thing especially if you main a character that requires it.


You could try messing around with Guile a bit in training mode by doing things like always keeping a sonic boom on screen while moving forward and comboing sonic boom in sonic hurricane. Doing exercises like this will force you to get better at timing your charge and canceling into charge moves.

Edit: Also get in the habit of preforming your charge moves like :l:,:r:,:l:+:hp: so that you begin charging as soon as possible.


The first thing you should know when playing a charge character (or a character that has a few charge moves like Gen), is that you should never be afraid to lose charge. You shouldn’t focus on keeping charge because that just makes you extremely predictable and one-dimensional. Maintaining charge is a skill that’s learned with time, and learning when to begin and stop charging is dependent on the match itself.

Charge characters have great normals, and that’s what you really want to “hide” your charge behind. Thus when you learn a charge character, like Vega, you should really start off by learning the spacing of his normals and strengthen your footsie game before anything else. Special moves are great and all, but they shouldn’t overshadow the usefulness of normal attacks.


Yeah this a major aspect that is missing from my Game with Gen. I’m trying my best to keep my charge going as much as I can, but the moment I attempt to execute my said charge move after obtaining charge it just totally whiffs into a normal. Could anyone tell me what’s going on?


This one is relatively easy for me as a Dee Jay mainer.
Let’s take a look at and evaluate within your gameplay the following guidelines:

  1. Are you jumping in on your opponent? Start charging as soon as you hit the air.

  2. Are you on the ground and your opponent is NOT jumping in at you? Start charging.

  3. Got knocked down? Start charging.

  4. Not advancing on your opponent in any way (ground OR air) start charging.

  5. Did you use a charged anti-air? Start charging as soon as the move animation begins.

  6. Charged projectile? Charge.

Also, it’s a little known fact that the time it takes to charge is less than a second. Approximately 50-some-odd frames.

Now here’s the tricky part… are you trying to do a charge special into a charge super?
(example - Dee Jay’s 14th trial:,, double rolling sobat, sobat carnival)

When you’ve got a full charge for our example’s double rolling sobat and throw it out, hitting back-forward +k again will cancel it into the super, essentially retaining the charge from the special as long as you use it to cancel into the super.

Try it a few times. If you can nail that, you’ve overcome the hard part.