This is Sunny's gf (the evil girl)


Hi guys, this is Sunny’s gf, which is also the EVIL girl as Sunny said. Sorry that i intrude the “guy” area, but I think I really should explain a bit about the real situation.

Here is Sunny’s schedule:

M-Thu School since morning, eat, study, won’t come back before at least 3am. Trust me i dont get to see him during weekdays even we live together.

Fri School, then play with you guys for a while sometimes, then finally have time to have dinner with me or a movie. I guess i see him for about 5-6 hours that night then he’s tired.

Sat. Tourney with you guys till evening sometimes, then we FINALLY have a chance to spend our weekend for a couple of hours

Sun. Get up eat then go study until at 3am again.

To be fair you guys, am i the unreasonable one? OH, and we have a puppy to take care of too. so it’s not just me who need him or his time.

and trust me, I SWEAT TO GOD that I DO LET HIM PLAY. It’s him who doesn’t have that much time. I am only asking so little time from him. That’s it guys, just so you know.


Can I see the puppy ^_^?? awwww Puupyyyssss:D:D


so what was top 4 in MvC2?




rofl @blazinflo

but seriously, who goes and studies on sunday until 3 am after eating. thats like over 12 hrs of studying. sounds to me like maybe someone else is getting his time eh…?


why peepz being asses?? pennstate players are alright with me…

p.s. blaziniflo rides Mixup’s DICK worst than he rides LazyJ’s DICK…

The top 4 was: Not you, Not you, Not you, and Not you…

Not everyone’s obsessed over MvC2 as you guys are…excuse them for having fun you know…

p.s. If anyone actually risks talking to Stankford, tell him to stop stealing people’s stuff…


you’re fucken dope
stop the beasting, there are children in the room =(


“What’s a girlfriend?” - 80% of the people on these forums

“What is a girl?” - another 10%

“What are people?” - another 5%

“hmm… wonder what she looks like…” - the last 5%

sorry sorry sorry the temptation was just too good






Damn son, you’re hella informed on the inside info in the community. Maybe you can tell me what was top 4 in MvC2?


I take no part in the ‘scene’…
I know Josh cuz we like to make fun of you and he watches me toke up…

p.s. All honesty, I don’t know what top 4 in Marvel was since I wasn’t in it.


I think they were all MSP or Storm/sent/aaa.


Alphas correct :D, 1st Tony Barnhill (MSP BABY!) 2nd MaligantMouse(MSP, Cable/doom/commando?) 3rd Me(Team Big, Mag/bison/doom, storm/sent/anothah)


Yeah I wasn’t there but I knew haha. It was posted in the other thread.


I find this funny that (a) you’re so concerned about him riding other people’s dicks, and (b) that you said “dick” twice and captialized it both times. Maybe if you spent less time trying to think you know what you’re talking about and concentrate more on coming out of the closet, you would post more productively.

Have a wonderful day.

BTW, you are really cool for having people watch you while you toke. Seriously. Way out of my league.


uh…what…why are you talking to me? suck my DICK!!


I heard StrawberryMilk went 0-2 in this tournament, that’s why he’s so bitter.


Strawberry milk is for homos. Pink milk, wtf. Real niggas get crunk to chocolate. Ya heard?


Actually Mummy, I find it more amusing that he A) used P.S. twice, and B) used P.S. inappropriately to begin with. POST SCRIPT genius.

Ah, so the truth comes out. You’re not mad at Blaziniflo for DICK riding; you’re just jealous no one’s riding YOUR dick. It’s okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. The homoeroticism present in your statements leads me to believe that you’re well on your way to a symbiotic DICK-riding realtionship with some lucky 47 year old herpes afflicted truck driver. If you’re lucky, he might even watch you toke! :eek: :eek: :eek: Or you can skip the middle man and buy yourself a bong shaped like a penis. Decisions, decisions…