This is true magic, Mordo! The Strange training regimen

Hey guys,

I was hovering around some other boards, and I found something ridiculously useful and practical to learn a new character or to level up a character you already know that we were lacking around these lands. A training regimen notepad, on how to train, what the players could/should do to polish up what they need to get from the character in that thread.

So, I thought to myself: we’ve never had this much Strange players around here, more and more are coming as the days go by. We’ve discovered/developed a lot of tech and styles of playing with Strange. How useful it would be for us to exchange training methods and drills not only to help those who are starting now, but to help everyone of us who have played Stephen since the start. So, what do you say? HELP ME OUT PEOPLE PLS #BibleThump

Nice thread. Let me break down some of the stuff I do in the lab.


Start of training mode

  • Wavedashing for 5-10 minutes
  • Back plink dashing for 5-10 minutes
  • Basic motions = QCF, QCB, DP, RDP, TK on both sides

Basic BnBs (be sure to do all of these on both sides!)

  • 10 sets of basic Impact Palm loop, both sides (no Grace or with Grace, your choice)
  • Corner Flames loop, 5 sets of full 3-2-1 (or some permutation)*
  • 5 more sets of Corner Flames loop, but with assists (if applicable)
  • 5 sets of full midscreen Flames
  • 5 sets of corner TAC into FoF loop, all directions
    *If you mess up the relaunch in corner FoF and do an FoF too close to the opponent, remember that you can always link a snapback and get a free mixup on the incoming character. Keep that momentum going!

Confirms and conversions

  • Blockstrings, no assists
  • Anti-air situations (st.L, Mystic Sword L, cr.M) into loops
  • Air-to-air with j.M or back j.H OS into loops
  • SJ height confirms with Jam Session

Mixups and incoming setups

  • Blockstrings with assists (Jam Session) into 50/50 mixups. Use a combination of teleports, DoD M, EoA, and lv. 0 FoF with a lockdown assist.
  • Crossups with assist, on random block-- if hit, go into combo. If not, assistless blockstring
  • Ambiguous crossup with Teleport H + assist in the corner. Early = same side, delayed = crossup. Convert into full FoF loop.
  • Create other possible setups that lead into EoA pressure

FoF setups (where applicable)
Viper to Strange

  • Viper BnB into Burst Time, DHC into 7 Rings, FoF loop
  • Emergency Combination DHC 7 Rings, dash forward Impact Palm into midscreen FoF
  • Focus Attack/EX TK crumple, raw tag, full FoF loop

Dante to Strange

  • Short BnB into Million Dollars, DHC into 7 Rings before last hit
  • Prop Shredder, Acid Rain, raw tag, FoF loop (ugh)

Strange to Dante

  • Throw, Teleport H xx SoV, DHC Devil Trigger into combo or raw tag into FoF loop (haaaarrrddd)
  • Confirms with opponent on random block --> if it connects, go into XF combo. If not, DHC into Devil Trigger for safety and get a free mixup with Bolts
  • FoF loop into DT combo ending with Thunderbolt x5[/details]


[details=Spoiler]How to maintain spacing during the FoF loop:

There are three ways to do this.

  1. If you are early in the combo (=<20 hits), you may still use heavy attacks such as st.H and cr.H to space yourself correctly. The pushback will usually put you at the right spacing, especially if they land on the tip of the hitbox of st.H. Mystic Sword L may also be used if you somehow land a confirm near the corner.

  2. Impact Palm xx Flame before launcher. This is your bread and butter for spacing late into the combo. Use this a lot, since it will negate the forward motion of the launcher. In addition, notice how (when you land after an air juggle), doing Palm xx Flame slightly early creates a bit more pushback and puts the opponent at a workable height to keep the combo going. Remember this, because it is important to keep in mind if you want to finish your FoF loops to the end.

  3. Dash back Impact Palm. Great way to correct spacing when you feel that Strange is too close to the opponent or the corner (or both). If you feel like the combo is about to drop when you go for the relaunch, you can just land after the air juggle, then dash back and Impact Palm. This will instantly create some space for you and prevent the combo from dropping. You can always cancel into Flames of the Faltine as well for more pushback and damage. In numpad notation, dash back Impact Palm would simply be as follows: 4LM, 6H. With an FoF cancel, it would be: 4LM, 6H xx 321H, kind of like an HCB or 63214 motion. Do this cleanly and practice on both sides, as you may get an unwanted 5H.

Side note: Wallbounce assists like Jill’s Arrow Kick will usually correct spacing for you if you can combo into them, which is very easy. They also extend your FoF loops and increase damage output and meter build. Log Trap, Arrow Kick, and Rising Fang are good assists for Strange in this manner!

The Rule of 40 and You: How to optimize damage and meter build

This is one of the quirks of the HSD system that I noticed. Basically, in most of Strange’s solo setups, you are only allowed to keep going for FoF loops until the hit counter reaches 40, or slightly less than that. If you start from the corner, notice how it gets increasingly difficult to land another relaunch somewhere around 39 or 40 hits. This is fine, and to be expected since we know that HSD runs on an invisible timer. As much as possible, you want to go for as many heavy hits as you can (Impact Palm and lv. 0 FoF are all you really need) and omit light attacks as much as possible in order to keep the timer from running out before your last relaunch.

Try doing the following corner FoF loop starter: cr.L, cr.L, st.M ~ Impact Palm xx 2R Grace, TK FoF, Impact Palm, land, st.H ~ Impact Palm xx FoF, Impact Palm, launcher. From here, continue to do the usual relaunch stuff, but the air juggle part will be different. First do 3 pairs of Impact Palm xx Flame on your first air juggle, followed by 2 pairs on the second, then 1 pair on the third. This will allow you to go for a fourth relaunch, where you can do 3 pairs into an ender of your choice. Notice how when you press S and go for the fourth relaunch, it will be somewhere around 39 or 40 hits-- this is the Rule of 40 I was talking about. In other words, if you want to go for that fourth relaunch (which increases damage and meter build quite a bit) or just optimize your combos in general, follow the Rule of 40, which means you must finish your FoF loop before 39 or 40 hits.

It gets a bit trickier in situations where multiple hits are added to the start of the combo: this is fine, and in most cases, you can proceed like normal. However, there are situations where you must go for the last relaunch somewhere around 34-35 hits, such as converting off Jill’s Arrow Kick wallbounce assist. Converting off Dante’s Jam Session assist will also let you relaunch around 40-42hits. In cases like these, it helps to get familiar with each possible situation and conversion that your team is capable of. Here, the Rule of 40 becomes something like a mathematical thing: you will need to count (in advance) how many pairs of Impact Palm xx Flame you will do in your air juggles before the final relaunch. You get a knack for it as you practice this idea more, so don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Of course, if you just want to keep things consistent, I would recommend going for your usual ender somewhere around 35-38 hits. If you are daring and want to optimize your combos, feel free to keep the rule in mind. Start getting used to counting your hits.[/details]

That’s the spirit! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, and feel free to go nuts with XF combos. They’re ridiculously fun to do. The most important thing would probably be to just learn the j.H ~ Impact Palm xx Teleport M loop, since that will side switch. And even if you aren’t good at midscreen FoF outside of X-Factor, you can still do them without fear in any level of X-Factor and generally do a full corner carry. You can just pick the side that you prefer, or keep opponents at midscreen. It’s up to you. When you hit the corner, swag out all you want, but you can always go for the infinite if that idea seems uncomfortable to you.

As far as I know, Strange is able to do the following loops/infinites in X-Factor:

  1. Impact Palm loop
  2. Teleport loop (midscreen/side switch version)
  3. Teleport loop (corner, ghetto ROM version)
  4. Midscreen FoF loop
  5. Corner FoF loop (the infinite, and your B&B for corner madness)
  6. EoA loop (Impact Palm xx Flames, Impact Palm, land, jump, Impact Palm xx Flames, Impact Palm xx EoA, repeat)
  7. Fly-unfly in XF2/3, input nullification glitch optional (double Impact Palms = 6H xx 214S, 6H xx 2146HS)
  8. Normal jump Flames in XF2/3 (infinite), a variation of the corner FoF loop but with forward normal jumps instead of dashes
  9. Self-relaunch in XF2/3 (launch, Impact Palm xx Flames, j.S, land, 1R, Flames, lmpact Palm, repeat)
  10. Fly loop (Impact Palm xx Fly, 3x Impact Palm xx Flames, Impact Palm)

So many different ways to style on opponents! You can even mix and match some of these like so (proof of Strange’s insane XF combo potential):


If you want, you can always snap in the problem character while you’re in X-Factor, and mix them up with an assist. If you use something like Jam Session, Strange won’t mind the hitstun or damage scaling since he’s capable of doing infinites anyway. Some food for thought on how you could spend your X-Factor with Strange. The extra speed boost clearly does wonders for him.

I think that a nice thing to learn too is the Grace of Hoggoth boosts. Mixing yellow and red graces on the screen, the Ryan Hunter mixups, setting up graces on super jump height, and conversions when you manage to hit an airborne opponent with 2Y (as they stay crumpled in the air until they hit the ground, you can continue your combo). Also learning the range on Strange normals is very good, you can surprise the opponent a lot of times.

I think wavedashing (backward) and plink dashing deserve a little more attention as a lot of player lack decent movement abilities…

Best assists for Strange:

Projectiles that leave the opponent standing:

[details=Spoiler]-Iron Man’s Unibeam
-Hawkeye’s Quick Shot
-Amaterasu’s Cold Star
-Arthur’s Dagger Toss
-Thor’s Mighty Spark
-Storm’s Whirlwind
-Dante’s Weasel Shot
-Sentinel’s Drones
-Frank’s Cart
-Deadpool’s Trigger Happy
-Fireball assists (hadouken, soul fist, etc)[/details]

Projectiles that does not leave the opponent standing:

[details=Spoiler]-Magneto’s Disruptor
-Doom’s Plasma Beam
-Raccoon’s Log Trap
-MODOK’s Psionic Blaster
-Shuma’s Mystic Stare/Smash(?)
-Shuma’s Mystic Ray
-Chris Gun Shot[/details]

GTFO assists:

[details=Spoiler]-Haggar’s Lariat
-Doom’s Molecular Shield (rocks)
-Hsien-ko (golden) invincible assists
-Cap’s Charging Star
-Hulk’s Charges[/details]

Misc good assists:

[details=Spoiler]-Doom’s Missiles
-Dante’s Jam Session
-Vergil’s Rapid Slash
-Strider’s Vajra
-Iron Fist’s Rising Fang
-Akuma’s Tatsu
-Trish’s Peekaboo
-Dormammu’s Dark Hole[/details]

We also have the OTG assists which always allow you to pick a grounded opponent (Wesker’s Low Shot, Deadpool’s Katana Rama, Felicia’s OTG)

So the best ideal team for running Strange on point should be Strange/Haggar/Iron Man. The closest I’ve seen is Will Richards Strange/Haggar/Hawkeye. He recently switched Haggar for Vergil.
I think the Unibeam assist is the best for Strange but Iron Man is VERY hard to master, even harder than Strange (I think even harder than Magneto!!). AND he is not that good because he doesn’t have too many ways to open people without using an assist, so he should fit better at second.
Keep in mind that beams that leave your opponent standing allows IP crumples and allow you to set Graces of Hoggoth. While the beams that doesn’t leave your opponent standing doesn’t allow this, you can still convert into a ToD combo (who needs mid combo Graces XD).
If we could have two Stranges in the same team, Bolts assist would be broken.

Shuma assist doesn’t leave standing. Chris Gun Fire assist does. Wright assists aren’t invincible.

Ok, I will fix those, but Wright assists when he is in turnabout mode are invincible.

Wright’s assists are not invincible. They patched it out a while back.

Didn’t know that. So he is even less useful now? Bad…

Well he wouldn’t be more useful.

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I practice my A1 + A2 timing a lot

always gotta be ready for my next THC spam

I heart this thread. Time to take my Strange to a new level. Rocking with Stephen since beginning. Come along way with even longer to go.

Would anyone be willing to post a flowchart of all of your options with an assisted blockstring? Like what mixups are available where, what combos are available if they get hit, etc?

Well, I’d say any blockstring that has a fast assist can be done if you press it alongside cr.H. Then you can palm while the assist starts, and teleport to mix the opponent up… even though I’m still inclined to play it safer with the mystic-sword ender…

Also, if you happen to have a great lockdown assist (jam session, coldstar, tatsu, etc) you can go straight into an EoA to end your strings and still build momentum in neutral game.

I whole heartedly agree with the lockdown assist bit, Jam Session>EoA>IP is like the only reason my strange is relevant. It’s great because by the time EoA is used up your assist is back or even perhaps you already have another eye out. That feels like one of his best options as far as blockstrings are concerned.