"This is way too easy." Ibuki Unblockables



Quote from SSF4 Ibuki taunt #8.

Neckbreaker , slight step forward , wait couple frames , j.LK or j.MK
This setup is from SSF4, but can still work in AE with some modification in timing/spacing. I could not find an easy way to time and space it, but it does work.

EX Neckbreaker , MK cd , wait ~2 frames , j.LK or j.MK
A much easier version imo, and it works in SSF4 and AE. With some practice you could probably do unblockable after unblockable until your opponent is dead or you run out of meter.

Works on:

  1. Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. **Akuma **- option select neckbreaker to catch teleport.
  4. **Hakan **- only if he doesn’t have U2.
  5. **Guy **- only if he doesn’t have meter or U1.
  6. **Dictator (Lord Bipson) **- option select neckbreaker if you want to punish teleports and EX scissors, or just option select block if you want to punish EX pc and EX dr. If he doesn’t have meter, Bipson is free.
  7. **CViper **- option select (U1?) to punish EX seismo. Simply option select block and punish EX bk, though you’re at a far range so you can’t really combo much. There’s probably a good option select to get you closer as the EX bk whiffs. The unblockable gets stuffed by simple hp.TK, so train your opponent to block on wakeup first.
  8. **El Fuerte **- option select neckbreaker to punish EX guacamole.
  9. Fei Long - option selecting will be tricky. Flame kicks all whiff in front of you. Reversal rekka seems to get him out, but it whiffs and is obviously punishable. LK chicken wing will actually keep you on the same side and hit you (though it is U1 punishable, I believe?). MK/HK/EX chicken wings all whiff and send him flying away. Additionally, Fei can also backdash out. So there you have it. Option select neckbreaker to punish everything but flame kicks. Option select block to punish flame kicks. And lastly, of course, his U2 will get him out. So switch between vortex/unblockable to keep him guessing.
    AE characters:
  10. Oni
  11. Evil Ryu

Special notes:

  1. I tested all characters with the EX neckbreaker unblockable (EX neckbreaker , mk.cd , wait few frames , j.LK). I’m just going to assume that this setup is the same as the regular neckbreaker, meaning whoever works with the EX neckbreaker setup will also work with the regular neckbreaker setup.

  2. On Sagat, the unblockable setup looks incredibly ambiguous. Basically it looks like you’re going to hit in the front, cuz Sagat is so damn tall. But then bam you somehow hit him in the back instead. It’s not quite an unblockable, but it could be useful. Same thing happens with a couple other characters (eg: Cammy, Ibuki) where it looks like it should hit the front but Ibuki ends up hitting the back. But with Sagat it’s much more deceptive.

  3. Some characters look like it should work, but it doesn’t. Specifically, characters such as Cammy and Chun. They may simply need a slight timing/spacing adjustment. This will require extra experimenting.

**Izuna’s unblockable: **(copy pasta from here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/ibuki-player-guide-book/128084page-3#post-6068453 )
Holy £@$%.

[LEFT]So I recorded it, it’s safe to EX Kazegiri, but when I tried to block…[/LEFT]


It’s Unblockable!

No wonder why I’ve never lost an Ibuki Mirror set. Sorry RedCaliburn! :eek:

[Unblockable 1 - hits tip of head - Safe-jump]

HOW TO ESCAPE: Focus the j.LK, then dash forward. Or use LK Command Dash and block the option-select Neckbreaker to punish. EX Kazegiri escapes if and only if Ibuki option-selects a Neckbreaker.

[Unblockable 2 - hits lower down - not a Safe-jump]

HOW TO ESCAPE: Reversal EX Kazegiri.
-> If you Focus the j.LK and dash forward you will eat a full TC4 into Neckbreaker.
-> If you Reversal Command Dash you will eat the j.LK and the BnB follow-up.

There is one-frame separating these two unblockables, and the escapable options for both lose to the other. There is no way to get out Unblockable 2 without meter.

Recording a video!
No idea who else this unblockable works on, or if it’s just anti-Ibuki tech. Ask Izuna.

zamul60’s unblockable:
(start with Ibuki in the corner)
Back throw (opponent into corner) , slight step back , slight pause , j.LK
Works on** Bipson (Dictator), Honda, Sakura**. I don’t have much more information, but I think it’s pretty rare you’re going to be throwing your opponent in the corner anyways.

I’m 99% sure Ibuki can make some easy unblockable setups in the corner, especially after raida knockdowns. But I’m too lazy to test and her mini vortex game in the corner is already pretty strong anyways so yeah.

Update: 2-1-2012
New and improved easier to time unblockable after Neckbreaker:

Here’s what one of the hitstop animation frames look like, so you know what to look for when you’re practicing:


Full size image here (1080p): http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/96/asdfae.png/

Cool thread bro 2
Don't let them take a breathe! Ibuki's safe jump & vortex thread
Sagat Social/General Discussion Thread

Nice thread idea.

About the neckbreaker’s unblockable, do you have any visual hint to know when exactly should you jump? “slight step forward”/“wait couple frames” is not clear enough imho.

I remember having a discussion with Alioune sensei, who made it very clear that one should not rely on “slight pause/wait 1f” or such non-measurable things. As an example he showed me a crossup dive kick setup with Yang and how he actually guess when should he jump. If I remember well, this setup was supposed to start with a 3hit Mantis (not sure for this one), and then the ambiguous crossup divekick is “walk for a small amount of time and then jump to MK dive kick”. Looks fairly doable, but what he explained me is that he can get a 100% success in this setup by looking at Yang’s legs: when he walks forward, he should jump at the exact time when Yang’s back leg is reaching his forward leg. I tried it and… Yeah, it worked like a charm, it was very easy to do, and the crossup is VERY ambiguous.

So, of course we don’t care about Yang’s trick, but I was wondering if you found some visual hint to know when exactly should you jump. I’ll try to find something next time I can spend more than 5 minutes in training mode :slight_smile:


This is the shit, thank you! Someone has gotta sticky this for sure.


Awesome thread Mingo. This should definitely be stickied. I always have trouble landing these unblockables, but this should help immensely.


For the record, I posted my unblockables in like March 2011, and the information has been sitting in the advanced play thread. Nothing here is new; I only made this thread because crime-inal wanted the information consolidated.


wow handy thanks haha

Looking for Love: Ibuki General Discussion Thread

Ibuki’s unblockable vs Makoto, courtesy of Saunic:



You mean courtesy of Sako. I was messing around with that a couple days ago to see if it works on anyone else but it’s a Makoto only thing./


Sorry, I meant the video is courtesy of Saunic. The unblockable’s origin is definitely Sako.

By the way, I realized that I did a “total blockable” today. The exact opposite of unblockable: whatever direction you input, you’ll block it. I should make guides.


Yeah that was happening to me on certain characters using that Makoto setup lol.


Alright so I hate to be that guy but I’ve tried for the last 3 hours to do the first unblockable and it just isn’t happening. The best I managed to get was twice it made it so it was blockable from EITHER left OR right (just what I always wanted!) but over 3 hours I wasn’t able to get it to be unblockable.

My understanding of it:

Stand next to them and ex neckbreaker (for replication purposes in the training room)
You land. Buffer MK cd.
After MK cd goes through, wait 2 frames.
Then, without moving forward at all, jump forward
LK before your hitbox overlaps.
If done correctly the LK will crossup (if the opponent does nothing).

So heres the thing, I did all my testing on ryu (just like in the video) and recorded ibuki doing the unblockable. First thing I noticed is- no matter the timing, she won’t cross up. Doing it instantly after, 1, 2, 3 frames after, nothing, it won’t cross up unless I move a smudge forward (about as much forward as those two frames allow) and then it WILL cross up. But even then, it was blockable.

So there are two things different from what the video did in my replication. The first, I’m assuming, is I’m on a PC version of the game. The second is that I’m using a keyboard. Would either of these things affect it? Can someone confirm it works on PC?

Sorry again for being scrub. :frowning:


It took me a long time to get down too, but once you get it, it’ll be fine to rinse & repeat.

You’re probably waiting to long from the sounds of it, or pressing j.Short too late. Remember what the j.Short has to be out before Ryu recovers so he has enough time to shift his hit-box.


If done correctly, the LK will NOT cross up unless the opponent tries to block regularly. In that case, it will cross up and then your opponent will be blocking the wrong way. If your opponent does nothing, Ibuki should stay on the same side.

I’ve done it on the PC version of the game. No bugs there.

Input method doesn’t matter. Keyboard, controller, pad, stick, doesn’t matter.

Since you got time to burn (I would have raged after like 5 minutes, but you stayed at it for 3 hours lol), try recording yourself attempting the setup using something like Fraps, and then watch it frame by frame to exactly what is happening.


It may be only my case, but I find the j.MK unblockable slightly easier.
For this one you have to input MK very early, try to think that you want Ibuki’s foot to touch Ryu’s hair. And then the magic happens.
It took me time to understand that I didn’t have to wait until the usual moment I input an air normal, but when I figured out I had to input MK earlier, I could do it almost every time.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Finally got it. I can do it somewhat consistently now. Thank you for all the help :slight_smile:


Finally looked into one of Sako’s unblockables he did against Makoto in the corner, as seen in his ft10 against Haitani.

Raida , HK cd (wait?), sj.MK

Spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqClL3kJPchYdFlDd0VhMmt4R0w3TVdJQ2hHX29GLUE&pli=1#gid=6

Seems like it only works on Makoto. It’s also pretty much guaranteed if you time it right, as Makoto can’t do anything but get hit or FA. And she has to FA toward the corner so that she backdashes out of the corner. If she FA’s toward where Ibuki jumps, or FA’s away from the corner, she’ll just dash into the corner and into Ibuki. Fukiages whiff, Oroshis whiff, Hayates get stuffed, Karakusas whiff, etc. Now I see why Sako always went for TC10 immediately afterward, since Makoto’s only option then is FA toward to corner in order to FA backdash, which TC10 will of course catch.

Against most of the cast, it seems to whiff, unfortunately. But against a number of characters, it acts as a hell of a mixup. For example, on Ryu and Ken and several others, if they block regular, they’ll block the hit but Ibuki still lands on the other side, meaning that they have to immediately switch blocks. If they block crossup, they get hit, even though Ibuki is landing on the other side. Tricky shit.

There were a few special cases, such as un unblockable on Ibuki and Akuma. Meaning that no matter which way you block, you’ll block it lol. On El Fuerte, if he blocks regular he gets hit, but if he blocks crossup it’ll whiff. Guy is the opposite. If Guy blocks regular, it whiffs, but if he blocks crossup, he blocks it. Last thing is that against Blanka, you have to watch your spacing since if you’re too close, there’s a very good chance HK cd will actually take Ibuki to the other side before she gets to jump. No other character had this problem, even with a point blank Raida into HK cd.

Oh yeah, and this setup also acts as a safe jump on some characters, thanks to its similarity to the Raida , MK cd , sj.HP safe jump. I didn’t test extensively, but it seems to be about a 6f safe jump (tested vs Chun) and 5f safe jump depending on the character’s wakeup (tested vs Cammy and Sagat).

Video is otw.



edit: after all this work I just noticed Saunic already posted a video ages ago. Oh well whatever.


Man, Saunic’s vid is just some messages above, I posted it xD
Anyway it’s nice to know that it’s also a safe jump.

Oh, I learned today that Akuma has an unblockable on a cornered Ibuki. Anybody knows how to escape it?


Depends on the setup.


I thought it would be best if we could also include other character’s unblockables that work on Ibuki, and consolidate that information in this thread, even though it’s closer toward matchup information.

Gouken unblockable vs Ibuki: