This is weird.

Earlier today, I was just messing around in Training mode, trying to find some GROUND BREAKING SHIT for K-SNK boss team.

So, I think I was using Rugal, I did a move, saw it come out and then i did a special. It looked like the canceled normal should have hit, but didn’t. What is this? is this a form of kara canceling? Fuck, if I can perform this constantly, would this be a good psych-out measure?

a command move canceled into a special?

You mean you wanted to cancel a normal with a special/super?
If so, it happens to me when I go to fast on pressure strings or combo.
Most of the time I do it with sagat c.MK canceled into low tiger. Sagat begin the cmk then before it hits the low tiger comes out^^
I don’t like that because i end with a non combo and get punished afterwards^^
It also happens with any character having cancelable normals.

The only use for me would be to cancel a laggy whiffed normal with a safer move. But you have to be extra fast^^

Isn’t this called proximity cancel??

The system is lenient so yeah you can cancel a normal (very first few frames) into a special. Whether or not it has the same effect as kara cancelling I’m not 100% sure.

It is kara-cancelling. That’s actually the definition of kara cancelling.

That’s the useless kind though. The only thing this could possibly be used for is faking out players that parry too much. Still, it’s needlessly risky, since most specials are punishable from the range at which this tactic would be used.

Ah okay, thanks for the help.

I think it’s ok to help filling up the special gauge. I do this a lot on xmvsf :slight_smile:

kara sak’s dive kick with rh for extra meter.
kara hop back with blanka after trying to do a meaty wake up to escape supers/activates.

I think the most useful kara I’ve “seen” is the classic Ken: s.rh xx hp dp

gives that little extra step forward for more range.

you obviously haven’t seen kara hop back.

uh, no I haven’t “seen” it. That’s why there were quotes around my statement. lol :arazz:

you mean f+rh.

that’s why i put “obviously” in my statment. lol :razzy:

better then Geese f.fierce xx counter/raging storm?

^^^ definitely.

A good kara to remember with sagat is kara low tiger shot. Builds wayyyy more meter.

Coolest kara by far is kara crossup super with kyo.

On shotos full screen i tend to do c.hp kara into fireball. It builds decent meter.

Please elaborate :wgrin: