This is what happens when you teach a 7 year old to play SF4



he’s 7 and using a DS3. I have no idea where he comes up with these combos.


Not to be overly skeptical, but is there any way to re-film said combo with 7 year old and stick motions in the shot for confirmation? I’d be honored to get my ass kicked by him on Window’s Live Network if it is for real.


He’s not using a stick, he’s using a DS3 on ps3. I edited the film because after he won he jumped up on screen and I don’t want him on the web like that. I’ll film him doing this again. He also can do it with ken and sagat.


Stick… Dual shock… If his thumbs match the moves, I’ll give my extremely insignificant approval and best wishes for the potential jaw dropper.


Awesome stuff! Those SF4 shortcuts seem to be helping.

(Totally kidding).

Props to you and (assuming) your kid :tup:


not my kid, my nephew. And it’s totally the shortcuts lol