This is why I love being Polish


We consider pedobear to be an olympic mascot.



Please tell me that’s a photoshop. Otherwise, that shit is amazing.


if it is photoshop, its really clean
otherwise, i wouldnt put it past the polish media to get tricked by some polish 4channer


The tiny one with the canadian flag…pedo bear is on the hunt…


Pedo bear trying to give out that Polish sausage, huh?


It’s called kielbasa, son.


It’s little things, like this, that make me glad for Germany’s penchant for global conquest.

Because, thanks to the wonders of not one, but two, world wars shifting international borders, I can happily assert that the fourth of my person that is not British…*** is Bavarian.***



Shit is to funny damn man I would buy that newspaper and save it for a collectors item


That right there is a Polished piece of journalism. :wonder:


Guess what my Russian friends tell me is true.


Kurwa :confused:!


Reminder that the mascots for the Beijing Olympics were literally a Power Rangers-style team of five baby pandas with elemental superpowers.


lol but that doesn’t really compare to this, not unless they’re serial killers or something.


LMAO it’s a legit picture!

Ah, Poles… It’s like you guys realized we’ve been running low on jokes to make about your people…



Pedobear in the olympic logo?

Didn’t realise they were putting gymnastics in the winter olympics over there. :coffee:


Holy Crap!!!

This is making my day filled more more Lulz!!!


There is a Polish joke here somewhere, I JUST KNOW IT!!!

I checked ebay and the internet, and I can’t find this paper for sale anywhere. This saddens me greatly.


lol I remember when this pedo bear thing started years back, I was like wtf? Stupid ass 4chan, and now look, it has invaded the winter games. Is the high moment or the new low moment of internet age?