This is why new players should have jump disabled by default



And deprive yourself of free damage?


That Ken almost won the round. It could have been a legit strategy.


If the Super connected fully, things would have gone downhill.


I dont thing he meant to do that, he must have been mashing that uppercut like a mad person, no way he hit confirmed a super off the first hit of hp srk.


The funny thing is that the Juri player almost lost by jumping in too.


Is tonight “make random anecdote thread” night or something?


how did you manage to lose a round? joke’s on you… you’ve almost lost the match if that super connected in the corner + Ultra1 juggle after


This is why new players should have “upload my awesome vid” disabled by default.
If at least you knew how to anti air with juri.


I do this a lot and then it ends up on YouTube as being “exposed as a fraud”. I don’t think the idiot realizes I just want to end the game so I can leave and go on about my life.



That Ken had the Jitters, lol


This video made me giggle. I wanna see how the first match played out.


High level japanese play


All he needed to do was throw out a few more random DPs, and he’d be an average Ken player.