This Is Why Sex Education No Longer Works


Adventures in Sex City draws fire
ONLINE GAME: The Middlesex-London Health Unit says its aimed at promoting safe sex

On the side of good: Half-man, half-condom Captain Condom; the virgin Wonder Vag; the sexually active Power Pap and Willy the Kid, who tries to prove size doesn’t matter.

On the side of evil: The Sperminator, trying to infect everyone in Sex City.

On the sidelines: The London region’s Catholic school board.

A first-of-its-kind, and likely controversial, online game launched Thursday by the Middlesex-London Health Unit to promote safe sex will reach students with the Thames Valley District school board.

Public health nurses will be able to use the game in their sessions with public board students.

But the London District Catholic school board won’t let the game, Adventures in Sex City, into its high schools.

“Sexual activity is appropriate only within the sacrament of marriage,” education director Wilma de Rond said.

" . . . Students within the system are taught through faith development and formation, religion and health programs that the human body is sacred and a gift from God and as such should be treated with utmost respect."

Health unit officials agreed the game will garner critics.

But youths from 15 to 25 engage in sex, and get sexually-transmitted diseases, said Shaya Dhinsa, manager of sexual health for the health unit.

“I agree it is a difficult topic. What we are trying to do is create a website that the teens and youth can get on, play it and start the conversation,” she said.

“This game is to educate the teens about sexual health. I don’t believe that promotes sexual activity.”

The cartoon video game allows teens and youths to choose one of the four Sex Squad characters to battle by answering a series of true or false questions.

A wrong answer sends a shot of sperm from the villain’s penis-shaped arms.

A right answer allows the hero to block the sperm with a condom.

Right or wrong, the player gets an explanation of the correct answer.

The game is likely the first of its kind produced by a health unit in Ontario, Dhinsa said.

“We do have challenges reaching youths and teens,” she said. “It is cartoony, so we were hoping it will appeal to the youths and teens and become a jumping point for them to have a discussion.”

The health unit worked with focus groups of youths from 16 to 20, half male, half female, Catholic and non-Catholic students and non-students to develop the game, she said.

The youths created the characters and insisted on the cartoon feel of the video, Dhinsa said.

The game has links to health and counselling websites, but also to suggestive condom commercials that may make some parents of teens uncomfortable.

To play the game, go to


Sexually transmitted diseases among area youths, 15 to 24:

From 2000 to 2009, chlamydia cases increased from about 425 to about 900. Gonorrhea cases rose from about 50 to about 110.

On average, 15 to 24-year-olds accounted for 71% of all chlamydia cases each year.

On average, 15 to 24-year-olds accounted for 58% of all gonorrhea cases each year.

Middlesex-London health unit

Randy Richmond is a Free Press reporter.

You can play the game here:

I don’t know what the fuck the people who came up with this were thinking. No wonder I see so many young girls with kids these days…:looney:


Except schools that teach sex ed have a lower teen pregnancy rate than schools that don’t. Hmmm…

Anyways, that game sounds pretty ridiculous. :rofl: Definitely not the right way to approach sex ed.


this sounds more like an h game than sexual education


After reading the original post the first thing that came to my mind was, “this is why public education doesn’t work.” Coincidence? Probably not.



Bzzzt! Wrong answer.


Where are the “change position” and “cum!” buttons?


I say do whatever needs to be done to get through to people. Sex is going to happen, might as well teach them to do it safely so we don’t wind up with endless streams of unwanted kids and clap-ridden whores. If I was shown exactly how horrifying some of these STDs are, I probably would have practiced safe sex in my earliest sexually-active years.


Black Jesus’ school councelor decided not to give Black Jesus sex ed in elementary school…namely because well…he will never have sex. LULZ!


It just goes to show that f you put your mind to it, it is possible to beat Japan when it comes to making weird sex games and we can even market them to under 18s! :party:


Sex education doesn’t work when you have fucking pornos titled “Squirt into my Gape.”



Milk Nymphos 2 imo


“A wrong answer sends a shot of sperm from the villain’s penis-shaped arms.”

This made my week:rofl:


While I applaud the effort, and the possibilities a free online h-game mmorpg could offer are astounding, but I think there are more important, more basic things we can teach kids using computers and the internet. I mean, we are talking about people who need both hands to type here. Its awful, having to wait 20 to 30 seconds just to get a reply, only to see it laden with typos and “chat-speak”. Schools should be teaching kids the repercussions of misspelling basic words and simple grammatical mistakes. Honestly, nothing makes me flaccid quicker than seeing my “penus” being referred to in the wrong tense. Some of the girls, even as old as 14 and 15 don’t even know what a labia is, its sad really.


this game’s kinda hot


Same here. Seeing that pissed off sperm that looks like a Digimon and the Penis Luchador is just wow. I can’t really believe what I’m seeing.


WHOA WHOA… now THAT sounds like a good series.:cool:


i think you guys missed the point…
this should be the new fighting game of 2010.


Uh why are you talking to girls ‘as old as’ 15 about your ‘penus’ and their labia’s?

Edited for spelling.


what the heck is a labia and I’m 68?


ROFL at the Gary Coleman character.

This game is amazing.