This is why we can't have nice things

I thought I’d throw in my two cents about the events that transpired with Cross Assault along with some other things on my mind as of late related to the fighting game community. Yes, I am hiding under a throwaway account, because lets face it. These things aren’t really received well. I understand I will either 1. Get flamed to all eternity 2. Have the thread closed within minutes or 3. Both.

Edit: To clarify, what instigated me into writing this was the events of what happened to SuperYan on Cross Assault along with following twitter posts and post show streams by various FGC personalities.

Edit 2: Sorry to ask for this, but if anyone can cross poss this on NeoGAF that would be awesome, getting an account from there takes like 6 months.

This thread will probably get closed at first sight by a mod, but if you’re willing for the argument to mature and gestate along with people adding reasonable and respectful responses, I think we can make some progress here.

I wanted to preface this with the fact that I am new; I came in at the very end of 2008 with the whole SF4 bandwagon. However, I am not new to competitive gaming. I’ve played Halo 2 competitively right up until SF4 and wanted a new change of pace, so I found this community and never left since.

The mindset of the arcade days and “the way things were” just doesn’t work anymore. “Get used to it” or “Get over it” is not a real argument. It is off putting to newcomers and opposes of what the majority of the players think the main goal is. First off, whenever I hear people talk about where they want to see the scene sometime from now, they always say “I want the scene to get bigger, to blow up.” If this is the goal, probably half of the actions negate that all together.
And for those of you who say, "Who cares about new people? We need to keep the appeal of our community alive” then you really need to speak to the other half of the machine. I’m not saying turn our scene into Starcraft or Counter Strike, I’m saying 1995 isn’t 2012.

It seems that the older guard of the fighting game community is one of the greater reasons why we cannot expand. From the alleged happenings at Capcom which prevent Capcom game representation for fighting games (see: Cross Counter Live 2/14/12) to the cannibalization when dealing with other games that aren’t all that different ie: how some of us view smash or certain 3d fighters or MK (people chanting MK sucks at EVO for reference.)

We fight all the time about why we can’t get sponsorships or money and this is why. Yes the old flavor of the arcade is important to keep in essence, but if it is not just off putting to people but straight offensive why would they put up with it? We don’t put up with things we don’t like when businesses mistreat us as a community (such as that whole mess with Tom Brady and the gaming league he was involved with.)

Do you really think that execs from companies even half of a percent interested in funding our events pay that much attention to us? All they see is this is a bad horse to bet on. The numbers of viewers are low, which I will talk about later, and this screams controversy. Think about any cause out there that is even remotely controversial. Better yet think of someone or some group that was outed because of a controversial stance they took - sponsors dropped.

I think that the appeal that some new viewers have to the FGC is the camaraderie, not the drama. For instance the “staging” (unsure of the legitimacy) of Mike Ross vs. Jago was just upsetting and I personally think was unnecessary. I think that this really pushes people away from it instead of driving up new people towards our community. What was the point of it really? To get more views from people? The only people that are even half interested in it are the PEOPLE ALREADY WATCHING IT. Stop making fake drama.

Yes, we know I am new to the scene, what should my opinion matter? Because of the fact that I just showed up can help me step back to the mindset of when I first found out about this community, and right now if I didn’t love with fighting games, and not the people, I would just say “no thank you” and be with some other group of people that can act appropriately. Its 2012 damn it, stop it with the misogyny and get with the program. Harassment is harassment.

I understand there is corruption and drama in everything. Even other competitive video game scenes like Starcraft had games thrown for who knows how much money in Korea. I keep hearing that we’re different than them, then why can’t we be better. If we can’t, and I am completely wrong, then back to lurking I go and I’ll just admire it from afar.

To be honest, I don’t know why I even feel like I should be writing this. I am a stream monster. I lurk the forums. I could throw all my sticks and games out the window and be completely uninvested in this community whatsoever. But I love these fighting games more than any other game that I’ve played, even ones I played at a tournament level. I don’t even want to buy SFXT anymore, and it’s not Capcom’s fault. They’re the one finally giving us a chance with this reality show along with the prize pool money. This is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth and reminding me that this is why we can’t have nice things.

We should all drop the #E-SPORTS thing and go back to playing niche real honest fighting games.
Anime, Virtua Fighter etc.

You went through all the trouble to make a fake account, could you at least make it apparent what you’re talking about? I can’t tell if you’re talking about Mike Ross/Jago, something that happened on Cross Assualt (I’m not watching it so I wouldn’t know), or just talking about a dozen different things at once.

If you’re whole point is that some fighting game players conduct themselves in a way that is counter productive to the goals of other players and organizers, uh…you started playing in 2008 and this is news to you?

Sorry, I should have clarified. I wrote this directly in response to what happened today on Cross Assault. I apologize and have to admit, it was a heated rant. I understand if people completely ignore it, but I think I made some (very little) worthwhile points in there.

BTW pherai, love your stuff man.

What does this even mean? his stuff?


Yanno “his stuff” I don’t know why you are hiding in this account we are pretty open minded here

I was referring to his 3rd Strike Akuma play. Man, this is what I was talking about guys. I have to admit I laughed though.

who says a reality show is even a nice thing?

Ninja’d: [S]His words, obviously.[/S] Apparently not.

Although I may not agree with every single aspect of the OP, he has some pretty good points.

2nd Edit:** ThrowawayTech: "**Its 2012 damn it, stop it with the misogyny and get with the program. Harassment is harassment."

This threw me off honestly, I thought it was less important than staging rivalries and the other things mentioned, but maybe you’re a girl and feel more passionate about it.

And no problem.

I suppose you could be right, but its better than nothing right? What I mean by nice things is more prize money, bigger sponsorships, support from companies and stuff like that.

Edit: Thanks Havatchu

Edit again: I’m not sure if I should show my cards, or if my gender matters, but I do feel pretty passionate about the whole harassment thing gender or not. I guess it stems from the line of work I am in.

The old guard ( the group that made me a salty asshole when I joined SRK in 09 btw ) just wants to keep what they love alive and I respect that. A lot of what makes fighting games and the community so great is the hype that comes along with it. Hype is a lot of things, but what it is above all else is something unique to our community, you don’t have hype in star craft 2, not in halo, not in dota or lol or hon or whatever the fuck action rts the kiddies play these days.

Hype is grown men acting like they’re about to beat the shit out of each other and tossing more venom then a cobra is what hype is, its why matches that would seem stupid are so god damn awesome. Its money matches, daigo parrying a full chun super, BIONIC AAAaaaaAAAARMMMMM, and all that good shit.

If you take that out were just another robotic as fuck SC2 community and all the people that make this place so interesting are gone.

Some shit comes along with that, thats why we had the whole cross assault situation, personally I wasn’t their so I’m not gonna comment on shit.

You make a good point Jarekov, if we change too much it will kill what we love about it. I guess finding the right balance is the key to this. I know I’m not the person with the answer and I doubt one single person has it, but I do hope we find some type of compromise.

ha thanks a lot big dawg and thanks for the clarification

Agreed, idk if a compromise is possible though. All the things that are E-sports right now are polar opposites of what the community is about.

If we do get to a point with sponsorships and big money rolling in we need to do it on our terms, I think we’ve been growing steadily and at our own pace for awhile now and thats good for the scene. When were ready to blow up we will.

I think the main concern is that it won’t be on “our” terms. I’m not saying our sarcastically, just out of respect because I have never entered a tourney or anything yet so I don’t consider myself legitimately embedded in this subculture, **YET. **

Jarekov: I think you’re right. A compromise with two sides playing tug o’ war doesn’t seem foreseeable in the near future. Maybe this is just too new a medium for us to figure it out right now. By the way, I feel like I saw the two sides of the tug o’ war and then jumped directly in the middle, causing me to fall in the mud puddle under the rope.

Havatchu, I think the ones that will be calling the shots is unfortunately the ones with the paycheck. I could be wrong, but what little experience I’ve had at FGC events are much more fun than any of the Halo tournaments I’ve been to. The FGC is much more friendly, and the friendship is seemingly instant. But I guess that can swing both ways.

With what little experience I have with playing against other dudes offline I can generally agree. It may not be instant friendship per se, but it’s definitively an accelerated acquaintance, for sure.

Your posting on here, your part of the community.

If you haven’t been to a tourney I suggest finding a small one and just going, don’t worry about shit just go, its always fun and its always worth meeting the people around you who play. If you can’t find anything around you go to the regional forums and see where people are getting together to play. You would be amazed what a few nights of playing casuals with the locals will do to level up your game.

So…what exactly happened with Cross Assault that prompted this

I’m just curious

Haven’t watched any episodes of Cross Assault due to work